[Get] 30 Random Names / Fake Names (Italy)

Use this names for register survey or other.
This is my first post, enjoy!

Names (italy; 30):

  1. Amintore Taormina
  2. Daniele Mascia
  3. Umberto Guarneri
  4. Basilio Venturi
  5. Berengario Biafore
  6. Menardo Marti
  7. Ricario Rotunda
  8. Aronne Davi
  9. Elio Liggio
  10. Corbiniano Gasperini
  11. Lara Alberico
  12. Irmina Osso
  13. Tullia Vicario
  14. Rosamunda Di Tommaso
  15. Orsolina Flori
  16. Mimma Ceglia
  17. Celeste Avolio
  18. Anatolia D’Imperio
  19. Bibiana Scelza
  20. Liana…

[Get] 30 Random Names / Fake Names (Italy)

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VisionDirect.co.uk extreme blackhat ?

I found one of my sites in serps with visiondirect.co.uk content on it.

file is inserted to /wp-content/uploads/2018/01/aura-monthly-uv and is showing up in serps under my domain with VisonDirect content. Anyone from england? What site is that an…

Taxes for greyhat/blackhat marketing

Hey, wanted to ask you guys do you make the information public about using blackhat services and making it known to the taxing agency in your country about it? For example by paying for social media accounts, youtube views, instagram followers with your credit card and inserting these payments in your tax papers that you hand to your taxing agency? For example, in my country services that are work related are not taxable, so I don’t have to pay taxes for the money I spend on my work aka…

Taxes for greyhat/blackhat marketing

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