i need help!

hi, is there a script so that i can create a website for my client to find announcements of house rent from other clients?

5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I’ve decided to write a “neutral and informative post” that can help you filter your list of writers.

Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise. Have you been blogging about bitcoin? Are crypto articles one of your most viewed articles on your news Google News-approved website?


5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

I need reviews

Hello guyz,

Who can do angielist, mymovingreview, clutch, yelp, trustpilot, facebok and google reviews for me. It will be long time work. My price are as follows :-

Google 50 cents
FB $1
Yelp $15
TP $1
Clutch $3.5
ANG $3.5
MMR $3.5

I will not pre-pay at all.
I have my own schedule and please don’t force me to buy a minimum batch of review and all, please. All I can assure you that it will be long term work and I will keep buying from you if you will deliver quality work. I will also pay…

I need reviews

Add adsense to the previously rejected site

Hello all,

My first site got rejected by adsense, and then i created a second site which get approved.

Can i add adsense on the first site?

First site is a classified site and it’s rejected due to thin and duplicated content. People tend to post same listings onto other classified sites too, that’s why.

First site is developed and getting good traffics.

Any comments are welcome!

Thank you

Too risky to drop ship apparel?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing extensive research on drop shipping in the past couple of weeks and I found products in two different niches that could turn out to sell well, but I want to start with one of the two niches to be able to focus on them. So, one of them is clothing (not gonna go too much into detail here)- But I was wondering: Isn’t it kinda risky to drop ship apparel? I mean, if I drop ship mugs or kitchen gadgets for example, they don’t have to fit, while all bodies are…

Too risky to drop ship apparel?