Hello everyone

I have been lurking around for years here.
I’m glad that i finnally joined this forum.
Looking forward on learning alot and sharing my methods with you guys.

What’s up BHW!

Hello BHW community. Been here a while ago decided to register. Lot’s of things has to be learned. Thanks to your community. Newbie here

[MY JOURNEY}local Web design agency

hey guys just thought id do a little journey thread after seeing my google search onto page 7

Well, I got a little download from the download section themed website for starting a web agency last week.

it was pretty straightforward to set up adjust a…

Create Facebook Account


so, is there a way in 2018 to create a fake facebook account with fake profile pictures without getting banned ?
Any aged PVA Accounts i bought were banned within few hours using them. Facebook always asking for ID.
No spammy activity done.

I need a website built…

I wanna built a beat selling platform where artist can sign up create a page and sell beats off the platform…for example they have beatstars and airbit for producers to sell beats off of…But i wanna make my own platform…How does this work?? Scrip…

using a new site for amazon worth it?

I have been using an old expired domain for amazon aff. and somehow looks like the website has some algorithm penalty and for the last 3 month I can’t even rank top 100.

I’m thinking I should just create a new site and work with it .

But knowing a lot of people use expired and strong domain do you think I can make it? Or I will just lose my time and money for a negative ROI?

Adult SEO | Rank first by cloning ads from big directories

if your bread and butter comes from Adult Biz you know how hard is to outrank directories like Eros Guide and Viva Street when they’re splashing big budget: 1-8 every and 13-17 at the month . Buuuuuut… If you need a parallel strategy while you’re creating decent and longtime websites for agencies or a couple of girls sharing an apartment and selling ads – go for cloning ads as soon as they post them.

I’m not about spinning content at all. I’m talking about 101% cloning the ads. I just…

Adult SEO | Rank first by cloning ads from big directories