Brand New Instagram Account

Hello guys.

I just opened account 2 days ago, posting images every day, gaining some likes, but no followers. Should I buy fake followers to bring more authority to my account or what? Because It`s hard for me to get some following. I would like to do…

Monetize Instagram


What’s the easiest niche to monetize Instagram with?

I don’t mean OGAds, i mean something real that i can do & actually not rip my followers off. Any ideas & methods?

How can I edit a OGads LP

So I want to take a good LP I have requested and just change some text and images I have downloaded it with Httrack but i am not sure how to change the text and with images do I just delete the old ones and replace them with news ones?

Canadian Content Writing – (High-Quality & Native English Content!)

Canadian Content Writing (High-Quality & Native English Content)

I don’t need a fancy graphic to sell you my services, as the quality writing I have to offer (at such an affordable rate) is pretty much able to sell itself. It’s time to stop dealing with those cheap content writing services that lurk around the internet, it’s time to build a long-lasting relationship that’s…​

Canadian Content Writing – (High-Quality & Native English Content!)

Published Authors Write For You *Limited Time Only

I won’t go with those fancy infographics because I will go straight to the point.

Service: I am selling High-Quality Articles that are written only by professionals on that niche. That means that I do not write articles by myself but I have access to a private database.

Most of the Articles are long between 800-1000 words which make me sell articles only in…

Published Authors Write For You *Limited Time Only

Currently making 100$ / day – Need Few Partners To Scale


I’m promoting an affiliate product (kinda adult niche) that paying me 30$ per sale.

it’s super easy generating sales with my methods and all of them are free (Facebook / twitter / ig / tinder accounts)

The problem is that I can personally manage 5-7 accounts max, and the potential to expand is huge.

I need someone who has employees or own an office of workers which they can be TRUSTED! I used to hire few VAs but had bad luck and they just keep stealing my method. Something locally…

Currently making 100$ / day – Need Few Partners To Scale

Famous Youtubers Botting?

Lol its me again… i know i post way to many threads. but anyways, just out of curiosity, i thought i would bring up the topic of famous youtubers views botting. I just watched a Jenna Marbles video and if you look at the view statistics, it shows views from some referrals, then views from a subscriber module and each one is bringing in between 100k-700k views. Then you suddenly see this “

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Famous Youtubers Botting?

Which is the best Keyword Density Percentage

Some of you may think this is so useless question But it’s not, Bear with me on this.

I don’t really focus much on keyword density but recently I noticed that some of my pages has 5%+ keyword dencity. When i wrote those pages I didn’t even cared about this, but now i think it’s important.

So can anyone of you tell me which the Golden number which i should keep in mind for keyword dencitry.