Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Been lurking on this site for a long time, humbled by the talents and tools of many of you. Studying all the aspects of SEO, no mater what methods used will only perfect your craft. Thanks for the great forum .

I can’t login to instagram using nox and proxy

Hey there,

I’m trying to login to my accounts on my computer in order to do some tests but I can’t.

I tried several emulators: memu, nox and bluestacks.

The one which almost worked was nox but for some reason I can’t login. I turned root on and used proxydroid and it gives the error: “sorry there was a problem with your request”.

Any solution to this?

When does conversions show in ClickBank dashboard?

Hello, I’m promoting an email submit offer from clickbank and the commission is approx $10 per email submit. I marketed the thing in Quora and I did about 4 posts after giving long relevant info and on each quora post I got about 40+ views.

Now as its FREE , people will just have to put email and they get the ebook and I get $10 commission but I’m not able to see any changes in dashboard. One mistake I made was that I didn’t use bit.ly links. I used weebly to create a simple landing page….

When does conversions show in ClickBank dashboard?

Scammed for $250 on Localbitcoins

Hello, A scammer opened a trade on localbitcoins and got my bank details and gave it to someone and that someone paid it to my bank account and I released Bitcoins.
The guy who paid to my account saying he was scammed by him and want his money back.

Looking for podcast research tools?

I have a client who is launching a book that focuses on relationships sex and love.

I have done all the normal searches, iTunes, SoundCloud general googling etc

Just wondering if there is an easier way I can find as many USA based podcasters that t…

WOOT made it to another year.

Ow yeah, made it to another BD.

Never thought after all the drugs, alcohol and homelessness I would make it this far but still alive and kicking it.

Been an interesting year in which I learned a lot as IM is a never-ending learning process. Been …