This is why METHODS don’t work for you!

Why don’t methods work for you?

As a member of BHW I can witness that there is a lot of WORKING methods that actually work and can make you money but people are not working with them, why? Let me just list out things you do wrong when you “read/test” method:

You don’t read it well!
A lot of you just get into method thread,…​

This is why METHODS don’t work for you!

how i can find tube uploader with skills/experience ?


i have adult related site i’m trying to spread on potential tubes that allow watermark etc to generate sales.

i haven’t tested this before but there are always mentions that someone is still make money from this method? but i don’t know how much passive income i can get from users on tubes /retentions over time .

it was something i didn’t believe at first since users on tubes weren’t interested to buy when everything is free to them but somehow there is monetization not only ads…

how i can find tube uploader with skills/experience ?

I’m making $$$ on my idea and I need a good patent website or company.

Hi Everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good patent website or company? I have done a google search and found a few, but was just wondering if anyone on here had experience or could vouch for a company.
In October of 2017 I had a great idea for a product, so I started making them in my basement. From November 2017 to this day I have sold 27 units each giving me a profit of around $800. Each unit takes about 2 days and about 4 hours a day to make. I would like to sell the…

I’m making $$$ on my idea and I need a good patent website or company.

Cloaking Issue

Hi guys,

A quick question regarding cloaking.

It is useful when you bid on forbidden keywords ?

My worry is that, in case of my campaign, the AdWords control is not on the landing page but first of all on the keywords I use.

Any idea ?


Cloacker Doubts: How to activate


I have been cloacking for the last 9 months in ADW with no problems at all.
The issue is that I was making some mistakes and I thought everything was under control.

I realized I made some mistakes for having the accounts suspended easily at the same time: same content, same design, and same host… my bad…. is there anything else I need to keep in mind?

Now I bought new laptop, new content, new host, new ad, and new ad text.
The new thing is that after reading some posts I think it’s…

Cloacker Doubts: How to activate

pls my dudes

Whats up my dudes
I need you guys to make me look less fat on this pic
Some of you have amazing PS skills, show them to me
PS: I know that I look like a child & a child molester at the same time
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My authority site journey


This is hopefully where I will keep track of my journey. I don’t have a goal set in stone. The aim is to eventually make £1000 ($1400) per month from all my online endeavors, right now I make an amazing £ZERO.

I hope to change that very soon and get my first $!

I have started a website in a niche I enjoy reading and learning about and most importantly I think it can work. Lots of people buying stuff in this niche. Products also have an extreme range of price from high to low.


My authority site journey