How much is a backlink worth on an actual blog with 43 DA?

I messaged this blog asking if they would be interested in featuring me in an article, they said they could have an article submitted that would have up to 3 do-follow links in it for $70. It’s an actual blog, but I still think that’s a little steep. I don’t know if this is a bargaining technique or if they’re actually expecting someone to pay $70. They also said for an additional $20 they would write the article, which seems steep as well.

What do you guys think, do these sound like normal…

How much is a backlink worth on an actual blog with 43 DA?

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When do you Start Linking to your money site

Hello Everyone,

I have created a new site two days ago and wrote content on the same day and i’ll keep writing supporting articles to it in this week. all that’s left is link building and ranking the site. So, my question is how long do you let the site age before building links to it.

How to make money with a gay domain?

So, I ended up buying a gay domain.
The domain was about a famous gay that died recently. The domain is in the following format:
All the links are from various gay associations/forums/etc around the world. So it’s legit and not spammed.

Any idea how to make money out of it?

I’m from China. I like to be friends with you.

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I’m from China. I like to be friends with you.