Best Indexer service

I’m using GSA Redirect pro, In 1 hour it has produced above 1 lack redirect links,
For those re-directed links I need suitable fast Indexer life time version.
Please suggest me.
Thank U

I am having issues with a crazy person, help?


There was this girl who keeps on bothering me and my boyfriend for almost 2 years.
And I’m not that kind of person who took revenge.
For this time, I think I have to do something to make her stop all of her doings.
But I don’t know how.

She make a fake Facebook account of my boyfriend.
Posting that they were together and announcing to all that she was her girlfriend.
Though they were close before, from there she got some pictures with my boyfriend. And now she’s using that picture for…

I am having issues with a crazy person, help?

Do you guys have .edu / .gov websites

Do you guys have .edu / .gov websites where i can really make post/comment with a ******** backlink.

I’ve explored almost every thread containing .edu and .gov list. Half of the sources are 404, and rest are either having registration disabled or going in moderation. :confused:

Thanks in advance !

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GSA, ScrapeBox and FCS Networker: What Can be done for 2017?

I am a new SEO (I’m in this filed for while however i was mainly building sites not actively trying to rank sites on super competitive niches).

I read on many places that GSA, ScrapeBox and FCS Networker are very useful for SEO and i brought then along with proxy for 1 year. Yeah, i spend quite a lot of money. however, i want to know from an expert how should i use them for maximum ROI in 2017 and beyond.

I know about tire 2, tier 3 and all that, basically i exactly want to know how i…

GSA, ScrapeBox and FCS Networker: What Can be done for 2017?

Hey everyone. I am a new forum member

Hello Everyone
Have a wonderful day.

I am here to learn and to do some business also. Because here have marketplace option also. I know BHW for the last few years and now I have been joined to learn more about the social media marketing platform. I have a business website also and you can check.

Me single, didn’t got married, didn’t got any child in this world and I have been doing freelancing and outsourcing work at marketplace for the last 5 years. My working areas are- SEO- White hat…

Hey everyone. I am a new forum member