It’s a start…

Got to start somewhere I suppose, after burning through countless accounts and sim cards (currently have 25 physical sim cards sat on my desk) and proxies finally the day has come… [​IMG]
… I got my first conversion… not just one but two. Now to continue to experiment and work out why they converted and then scale that bitch up! I tried countless things that other people were doing with no success but put my own twist on it…

It’s a start…

Best URL scraper?

I want to know best url scraper available in market.
I already have the Scrapebox but its scraping speed is way too low even with private proxies. ( posting speed is okay as i m getting 40% success rate )
I want to scrape 80k-90k URLs and then work…

Instagram scraping

Could anyone here explain what scraping means?

I have been reading up both on this forum and others and still cannot get to a solid definition of what scraping actually means and how it is applied? Especially in the sense of using a bot.

Can anybody offer an explanation in layman’s terms? “Scrape usernames” for example…….. what?!

Any advice on how to hit the “Explore”?

Hi guys. Would anybody be so kind to spill some tips on how to hit the “Explore” page of a particular hashtag? Any tips on that? I’ve been inactive on Instagram for about a year and I want to catch up. My activity went to shit since I haven’t been posting anything throughout the year. Are powerlikes and engagement groups are still a thing?

I would really appreciate any tips & info regarding the topic.
P.S. Looking to join engagement group for photographers, I currently have 5.7k followers.

I’m Sick of youtube!! Accounts keep suspending :/

Hi All,

I’m Sick of youtube!! Accounts keep suspending :/
Why is that ? i had a verified youtube account with 106k subs… and they suspend it.. not only that all the account,, and recently i recived a notice that my youtube account has been terminated!!

Can someone please help me?
i also tried the appeal but no luck..’

can someone tell me about the new youtube policies that are soo common that youtubers are missing ?