can i get backlinks from search engine ?

i have checked on majestic and one of my competitores have backlink with anchor from ex:

its .de search engines google link is for example
and most rare hi have backlinks from 3 diferent search engines with a…

I’m new I will take any help I can get

Hey guys my names Greg from jersey I’m doing my research my sisters one friend got involved with email submits way back and I was talking to him the other day and I want to get something going if anyone could help me suggestions basically anything I would appreciate it thanks

Remote iPhone Service


We’ve been using iPhones remotely for our marketing needs and recently started thinking about offering it as a service.
Using iPhones instead of computers is obviously better since it’s much harder to fingerprint the device and block it. So it’s (at least in our experience) the best way to browse anonymously for any need you might have.

We were thinking of offering iPhones in the US only to begin with and charge based on the type of iPhone. User can switch ip with a click of a button….

Remote iPhone Service

how to be aproved to post affiliate program?

Hi, I want to post an affiliate offer here, but the rule in marketplace – CPA networks says,
Rules specifically related to this section can be found here:
1. All CPA / affiliate programs must be approved by an admin or Marketplace mod.

How can I post …

How To Internal Link Properly ?

How do you guys do internal linking ? I mean do you plan them ahead before the content creation so that you can tell the writer to put some keyword for the anchor text for internal linking ? Or you just do it naturally after the content creation a…