Buying Yelp Reviews. NY area please.

I’m looking to purchase Yelp reviews for $10 each; payment upon completion via PayPal. I need aged and LEGIT accounts located in NY, NJ, and possibly CT. Big priority goes to NY.
Please message me with your yelp ID so I can check the legitimacy and we can move forward from there. Thank you!

I will provide my Skype for the messages I reply to.

when “seo gurus” call others “haters”

Hey guys,

I wanted to PM @t0mmy about this issue, but I prefered to discuss this openly as I would like to friendly discuss this :)

Some days ago, t0mmy made a thread where he states that “seo gurus” call others “haters”. Now, obviously, it was something that was targeted at me as I’ve called other members here “haters”.

I know, perhaps this is a little bit childish or something, but want to know what would happen if someone takes down your site?

Perhaps you don’t…

when “seo gurus” call others “haters”

Search instagram bios….

Hey all,

Anyone know a way to search keywords in people’s instagram bios.

This would be a powerful way to find users to target.

If it doesn’t exist, I may try to build something. Anyone interested ?


Someone Got My IG Account Banned from Fake Followers

I spent 3 years growing my soccer page goalhublive to nearly 450K. I woke up a week ago to an email saying you have been banned for violating terms and services.

I never had issues with copywritten videos or content. I gave credit to those who’s content I shared and never had issues in the community. BUT the night before the ban, I noticed a massive influx of followers around the 100’s of thousands to my page and I just figured I was being shared all day through my groups and possible…

Someone Got My IG Account Banned from Fake Followers

Should I go to University

Hi there. This might be a common question, but I want some personalised tips since it’s a very important case to me… I hope you will do.

I am in the year before the last year in high school (Class 11 of 12).

Till now, I am a student with the best marks (All A). Might sound not true, but marks are easier to get on my country as poor of educating system. But I am a student that promises something for future in my country.

This year, I’ve dropped learning and I think I can’t continue to…

Should I go to University

Instagram Journey – Automation Scripts

Hi all,

Decided to come out of the woodwork. I’ve been lurking BHW for about 3 years, mostly picking up knowledge on SEO. But now I’ve started my first business and I’m working on the social media.

What I’ve done:

  • Using a custom written script cron to post on Twitter and Instagram products from my Shopify Site.
  • Instagress for commenting and products. Highly customised schedule, mimics human activity.
  • to post Facebook into Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest…

Instagram Journey – Automation Scripts