How you get leads?

Those seriously really want to do online business willing to pay.

Is kinda tiring getting those no serious and don’t even willing spend.

Adnow scam

After few months with and over 300$ revenue, I tried to withdraw money via paypal, and wire and it delayed for 2 weeks, while ads are still running, eventually they blocked my account with no reason specified, (it’s real traffic, I get paid by many other affiliate networks regularly)

Adnow Scamming method
it seems that when they see a website that is not profitable for them , they just close is down and claim for violation of their TOS
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Adnow scam

Greetings from Sweden


I have never cared much for SEO related topics before but I stumbled upon your community and really enjoyed reading what people had to say on here. Anyway, thanks for having me.

Get traffic from google

I have a local business and i have a website few years.
And i pay someone a lot of money, and he gives me traffic to my website.
So i decided to learn it ans do it myself.Y budget is something like 1500$.
What tutorials can i read here?

My “first” Journey. This one is most seriously

Hello all,

Im reading BHW for 2 yrs, and I started one project (travel “agency” website)

Lets, start…
My favourite niche is TRAVEL, and I started website from wix (beecouse lack of skill)
(idk should I put link of website – not for now)

I need some suggestions / critism or anything else about.

I would like to buy domain on godaddy or namecheap and connect it with wix

Can you help me about choosing Domain Name!?

Second thing I need help about SEO. Choosing keywords, domain name etc….

My “first” Journey. This one is most seriously