Looking for a kik auto reply bit

Hi …I am looking for a kik auto reply bot…if any programmer has any working kik auto reply bot..or if anyone can design same for me..then ping me on skype eashwar.rp
Willing to pay a good price

Torrent name for movie downloading

I am looking for torrent website through which i can download any bollywood or hollywood movie.
Previously 3-4 yrs back i am using isohunt but now it’s not working.

Any fast torrent website?

Best place to sell a site quickly? My site went viral and I cannot keep up with orders.

So here is my story.

I started a mail-prank website last month and worked on it as a side project.

Today, I got over 5000 hits and so many orders I cannot even count them all. They keep coming in. And its awesome!

BUT it’s clear I cannot keep up with the site. I need to sell it quickly. I am not expecting to get rich from it.

So my question is, what is a good place to sell a site quickly? I do not want these orders to go unfulfilled and I need to get back to my full time job. Lol