Twitter Mass Report Bot

Hi all!

I would like to know if there is a bot/software to mass report a specific post in Twitter. There is an annoying user that is tagging my account in his profile and I can’t simply report it because Twitter doesn’t consider those posts as spam/harassment (robots lol).

Can someone help me?


Growing Twitter Account (Question)

Hey there,

I kind of have a silly question but I never really used Twitter before.

If I want to grow my Twitter account, what’s the basic concept?

Following a lot of people in the hope that others see me and follow me as well?

I always used Facebook for personal and affiliate marketing purposes but want to use Twitter also.


I need to extract it from my tutorial about making apps (here in Mobile category), because many users are asking me on PM that they like to start with apps but … sadly they have PC like:
-core 2 duo and 2gb ram
-4gb netbooks



I need YOUR opinions guys

Hey guys,

a little bit about myself.

I’ve been in the online marketing game for 6-7 years now, i’ve made some good money in the past but I mostly used blackhat tactics.
I’m currently still doing CPA but i’m sick of it.
I know its nothing sustainable, nothing that builds ab and its only shortterm.

I can’t live like that and need something I can RELY on, especially once I get older, get a wife and maybe a family.

So its clear: I need to change my business model and therefore build a…

I need YOUR opinions guys

[First Journey] My Fiverr Service Business Journey

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member in BHW, but I’ve been dabbling with online marketing since the beginning of 2017 with Amazon Affiliate Sites.

Back then I had a mentor who told me what to do and what resources to use, but I was extremely skeptical about the whole “make money online” thing that I disregarded almost everything he said. But I did follow his advice a little bit. Thanks to that, even though I was a total newbie and did things terribly, I made my first few cents online after…

[First Journey] My Fiverr Service Business Journey

Which VPS provider allow torrent uploading?

Hi guys,

I am using profitserver russian VPS from long time but never tried uploading torrent through VPS.
I would like to know profitserver allow torrent uploading or not and if no then please suggest me a VPS provider who allow torrent upload.

Adsense account problem

Hello guys,
Really i need your help, i have a blog and i bring traffic with payement traffic, but no clicks on adsense. I’m just wasting money without any returns. Please someone of you could explain me because i coudln’t understand what is happening with my adsense account. I changed the placement of ads on my blog many time but always same results.
Thank you.