Google Image Search Help

Hi, is there anyone here who knows how to do this in wordpress?

Open the above link.. and then click on any image and then click on view image.. It’s redirecting to the post instead of media file. All other results for other websites are redirecting to media file..

I have some image websites with good traffic but image traffic is no use for me because it opens media file so no ads displayed..

Please help..

Note: Mods if it is in wrong section please move it.. Thanks!

If you have already more backlinks…

If you would be able to get about 10 whitehat news site backlinks for a page you want to rank higher, but you already having more and better backlinks than competitors, what would you do?

We are talking about googles first page and the site is an ecom…

What Is The Affiliate Network That Auto Detects Geo Location And Serve Relevant Ads??

Hi BHW, I noticed there’s no affiliate marketing section(or something like it), so I brought this question here.

I sometime stumbled on/read about a particular links affiliate network that serves ads based on visitor’s geo location. I’ve forgotten the name. So am asking if anyone knows or have any affiliate network that works like. I intend using this on my fashion websites that generates tonnes of traffic. This is because I really don’t know how to start writing reviews of product trying…

What Is The Affiliate Network That Auto Detects Geo Location And Serve Relevant Ads??

Another suspicious channel. Is he faking it?

Hello, here is another suspicious channel. He has about 12k subs, but gets over 100k views in 2 days.
This video for example:

Some of his videos do not even have 100 views, some have about 10k, but some have tens of thousands of views, even hundreds….

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