Looking For A Good Auto Link WordpPress Plugin Any Suggestions

I’m looking for a decent plugin to add links in my articles automatically via given keyword. I’m looking for something that is flexible, that will allow me to use several different URLs for a given keyword. So that I can insert out going links to websites of interest. I have tried a few and they have been fair shit, any suggestions.

Need Few words on IQ Option, Olymp Trade

I keep seeing apps like this (IQ Option, Olymp Trade) popping-up for making money every now and then in the games I play on my android phone. The video ad shows you just predict and earn. It’s seems like you’re gonna loose more money investing than the ads trying to make you believe otherwise.

Is it totally waste of time and money? Or something worth giving a try?

Bhai log iss topic pr kuch roshni dalein….

Thanks :D

Facebook Pages

How do you guys grow new facebook pages now a days when you don’t have a big page already, some will say groups but the growth is slow in groups i get like 30 likes to 60 per day from sharing in 25 groups .

HELP in CPA offers – New Method

I was thinking for time in this method and want to share it .
the method is that I complete my own offer like email/zip submit by myself by using high annoymity VPN or VPS , i tried it in adworkmedia but they did not show the leads or views.
i can get …

Adwords vcc

I created two accounts yesterday and today canpaign got approved for both of accounts but ads not showing because payment is under review for 2days to 3 . Is that normal or my credit card have issues and better to use other ones

How to send/sell leads that I collect?

Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place – mods please feel free to move if so.

I’m a mailer so excuse the lack of knowledge in this area but, let’s assume I had a 1st page high ranking site on Google for car insurance.

How would I go about sending/selling the leads?

It seems I have 2 options:

1) Form a relationship with the advertiser and set up an API so that the leads I collect on my site/my form gets sent over to the advertisers database.

2) Set up my own landing page that user…

How to send/sell leads that I collect?

can someone send me gsa ser footprints?

I need to test something with gsa ser footprints but I don’t have gsa so I can’t get them . Tried to find em on google couldn’t find them . Can someone send them? Like paste on pastebin or somewhere that would be great thank you! @Shaunm