Greetings BHW!

Hey dudes I’m glad to finally be on here. Been a visitor for years and have always loved the services and values of the people in this community. Looking to become more engaged in the internet marketing world as my career in brand management takes off. Much love to everyone.

Need your feedback please!

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself, I am Michelle and thanks to her advice I created my own webpage for online films from the Koreano niche, the problem is that I have had very little income since Adbooth and I do not think it is good. Can you h…

FB Page Tactic

I like to create a FB page to promote my blog. Would you recommend to use the same name as the blog or another one niche related name to let it look more casually/ coincidentally?

Thanks in advance


140+ Facebook Pages


Is it possible to manage 140+ Facebook pages in 1 Facebook account? Can anyone help me, I have some questions how can I do it.

1. Would it be better to create those pages in 1 Facebook account? So I don’t need to worry with login verification.

2. Should I used a proxy servers (AWS preferably) while creating pages, since the market is in the US and I am not located in the US.

I think that’s for now… Thank you in advance for any replies!!!!

Good Method | Need YOUR help to finalise the Monetisation method

Hi Guys,

I had an Idea but I would like your opinions on what would be the best way to approach this method and monetise…

I don’t mind making this a community inputted method where we can take input from everyone here and tweak this method untilwe find the best ‘settings’ for it…

Also any pitfalls you think I may come across would be helpful to me.

I am thinking of building a local directory site for my local area…

I would be targeting similar keywords to the following:

Good Method | Need YOUR help to finalise the Monetisation method

Hello soldiers and generals

My nickname is TAKA, and I’m not here for money or anything like that. Want to find good people to communicate, and to learn something.

With respect TAKA

I also live in the CIS so there may be problems with the English language, sorry :)