Do you check your spam folder? How often?

I often find some important emails in my Spam folder. Gmail, outlook and yahoo spam filters
are very strict so in order not to miss some important stuff I check my spam folder about 3 times
a week. How about you? This poll should be helpful in email m…

Another Google Algo Update On The Way

Seeing a lot of volatility in serps yesterday and especially this morning. Looks like another update similar to the one in March.

What are your guy’s thoughts?

My traffic is up about 19% since the 16th.

sudden spike in organic traffic, adsense risk?

i have a web site that makes about $10/day on average.
today the traffic almost spiked up 10 times, and revenue is $180. The traffic is still coming from google as i can see, i moved the ads to bad spots to decrease clicks, and i cant see any news that would burst out the volume of the keyword. i have no clue why so many people started searching for the keyword today.

is this safe for adsense, i didn’t do anything and im sure they can see the hits are organic, but im more worried that -…

sudden spike in organic traffic, adsense risk?


Need a CPM network for my streaming site

Tired of these CPA networks.

I’ve started a movie site because I wanted to show people a movie without having to deal with thousands of pop-ups or hoops .. but every CPA network wants to have me put an iframe over the movie with their CPA offer..

So I need a CPM network(banner ads, old skool)

Job Offer: Ad Network Manager and Product Owner

Hello fellow BHW members,

Today I received a job offer via the email from Adbank, located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

At the moment they are looking for a full time “Ad Network Manager and Product owner”, $75K – $100K with upside on performance…

Scrapebox image grabber


I have a small question about Scrapebox.

I use the Addon Image grabber. It works very well, BUT I would like to take images only on one site. So, I write something like this: “asian”
Logically, Scrapebox should take all the images in imagefap which are tagged “asian”. When I write this in Google, it works.

But, with Scrapebox, it doesn’t work.

Can someone tell me why ? Or can tell me if we can scrape only on one site (imagefap, tumblr, flicker, …) ?