Looking for adult/dating emailers, make $$$

Hello. I’m new on here but a lot of you know me, I just have to stay on the low so I’m Derrick.. :)

Basically I’m looking for people who do mailers, especially with adult or dating traffic. I’m at a company and want BH emailers with list of 100,000+ for PPS campaigns (PPL and rev are also available but you probably won’t make as much money..)

We want BH email traffic, but not officially. I’m there to make sure accounts are paid and stay active.

Also, please don’t reply asking “Can you…

Looking for adult/dating emailers, make $$$

no money from youtube

this is my own channel,

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[NO TE, real views]
5k views for 4 cents
what the fuck?

before that i had youtube channel with YTMonster TE
i get something like 1$ for 2k views

now i try that method again and get
5 cents for 20k v…

Idea for multiple browser ip / help?

i need: 50 browser open with different proxy (i use hola vpn addon)

is there an easier way to make over 50 chrome profiles and open them at the same time? The problem is, when i open alot chrome profiles (windows) its uses alot ram. I just need a view…