Best PPI for Websites

Hello there.

I have a website where I post content related to mods of games and content which is related to downloading (Not Warez, though) so often people click on the incorrect download links which give me tons of money.

I get 800+ clicks on the do…

How to make such slide template?

Hello, how can i create such slide template –

I know this must be super easy for some of you, so how can i make this template? What tools do i need and how to get it done step by step? Thanks in advance.

Analyse of a fake update landing page.

Analyse of a fake update landing page.

So I was procrastinating on a streaming website when I saw this page popup in front of me.


I thought to myself that it is a pretty decent landing page, and since someone spent that much time working on it, they are probably making a decent amount of money, so let’s see what they are doing and how.


Analyse of a fake update landing page.

Scraper Emails from Website/Forum

Hi guys,i’m looking for a tool(like scrapingbox) for scraper email from forum or ecommerce website. For example i would take all members email from one forum,or site like Amazon,or sometings like this.

I know scraper box but i don’t know if work well,or have some problems. Maybe you know betters tool? (and maybe free?)

Thank you and sorry for my bas english

Suggestion to BHW to Earn Money

You all guys each and every member on this forum has wealth of knowledge and you are simply fantastic.

This forum has become like my second home and I mostly spend 10-12 hours everyday on here.

Basis little experience I have gained I suggest BHW sh…

I am tired of clickbank

I work hard everyday and i create videos and my traffic increases but no sales .The thing its that i dont have other income and i am dependent on IM income and this its very bad .Please tell this guys to not shave so much as all we have families to fee…

What Niche Is Profitable

Hello everyone, I want to go into blogging and I’m ready to hire writers, I do have writers on ground by the way. I am not into monetizing for now, I just want traffic and other things but my question is this ‘What Niche Is Profitable?’. I am confused on what niche to head into, I want a blog that would get steady and massive traffic in months time and that would be great for monetization. So what blog niche do you recommend? Remember I said I have unique blog writers on ground. Thank you BHW