Hello from Mars!

Jk, I’m not from Mars (From what i know) Lol. What’s up guys! I’m here to learn more about the blackhat world as well as learning how to increase my instagram followers. Hope I get the help I need! :p


IG accounts with OGAds question

Hey BHW!

I’m considering doing CPA on instagram using OGAds. I have about $100 to invest. I can buy phone verified 2-3-year-old accounts that come with proxies for $1.49 a piece. I’m wondering how long these accounts would last without getting banned?

Also: Approximately how much does one account make every month? Assuming the account is following 600 people a day and unfollowing 600 people per day + commenting on and liking…

IG accounts with OGAds question

(381)Anonymous proxy list 2018-03-27



If any of you are as lost at that service as me, you may be my comoany in this mini journey of trying Fuelgram Powerlikes. I’ve decides to give it a try and I just bought and post my first “powerliked” post. I’ll share my results with you guys and may…

How to handle a 100k + email list?


Let’s say I have a 100k+ email list from a gadget e-commerce website and all of them are buyers.

How can I start sending messages to engage them? Any suggestion?

I thought of creating a landing page of the coolest gadgets with Amazon associates link. Is it a good idea?