integrate Cpa offer/content locker in mobile app.

Hello everyone
I want to integrate Cpa offer/content locker in mobile app.
Want to make let’s say live wallpaper for Android and before setting of this wallpaper user must see my Cpa/content locker
After they fill the locker wallpapers must work as usual. A upload the script on my Google drive and source code of my live wallpaper
There is my files

Can anybody help with this integration
May be is better…

integrate Cpa offer/content locker in mobile app.

SEO in the casino niche is HARD – let’s talk strategy

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I’ve been involved in the casino and poker niche since the poker boom. I’ve always been pretty good at running casino sites, but my SEO skills always took a backseat. All I did in the past was buy lots of links and make lots of money. I had sites earning $10Kish a month, sold sites for mid 5-figures and was killing it. Well, Panda and Penguin hit and I’m scratching my way back up. I still have a few sites that are awesome (in my…

SEO in the casino niche is HARD – let’s talk strategy

Looking for a GERMAN to join high volume, high profit niche.

I’m looking for partners to do a offline/online JV.
Looking for a German in germany, that can do good marketing B2B.

I have everything set up on my side and working, but I need help to attract german businesses. The average sale is around 9000eur and profit is around 2500eur. It’s a very high demand product.

If you are good at marketing we can build up profit per sale up to 4000eur.

The JV is in the construction niche.
Won’t go in much detail publicly, but will explain everything in PM’s.

1 Million articles to Spin.


I have 2 questions, if someone knows the answer (more than speculating ) it would be awesome:

1) Is there any way to spin like 1 million product descriptions?

2) Is it OK if I spin 1 million product descriptions just have have unique content…

My Social Media traffic (from pretty much any niche) + your product/website

I have a bot that allows me to manipulate the rankings of a social media website, so I can drive a lot of targetted traffic to any niche.

Keep in mind that I can’t drive traffic to spam websites with CPA, phishing or anything of that sort. If I do my accounts will get flagged very quickly.

I’m looking for a JV with people who either have a product for sale and need traffic or, preferably, people who have websites with articles/images/news and profit with a high CPM network.