FB hidden Friends Viewer

there use to be a hidden friend viewer (EXT) for FB but the done away with that. and years ago when FB first came there was a conversation viewer… EG: if you were talking to a friend on your friends list and all of a sudden they get a message from o…

Looking for a German content writer


I’m looking for a German content writer for my site in the pet niche.

I’ve tried a few on fiverr and while I was happy with the results they charge about $10 for 500 words.

I’ve seen the prices here on the marketplace so there must be cheaper alternatives than fiverr.

Thanks in advance

WordPress posts tags are worthless for SEO

Lately I’ve been thinking about Wordpress tags for SEO purposes. Some people found interesting to introduce dozens of tags while others prefer not to use tags at all (only categories, with a SILO structure for example)

From my point of view, I’ve found some caveats that I would like to share and also see your opinion:

1. Duplicate content: If you fill the tags system with random tags, you may end with non-canonical indexed URLs that point to the exact post, meaning that, to the eyes…

Wordpress posts tags are worthless for SEO

[Serious Channel] How to bring natural traffic ?

I work around a week for my videos, I’m not into very competitive keywords, but my channel has still a very little community, how to bring a good natural startup traffic on my new videos ? I do informative publication and it does a good retention for those interested. I’m not running a business on it, for now it’s just the passion of sharing some things I’m interested in and building an audience.

I don’t like a lot forums for this purpose, you can get easily toxic users from there. I…

[Serious Channel] How to bring natural traffic ?

Are WordPress Widgets good for SEO

Soo… I don’t mean all widgets in general. I mean Text widgets in the footer. Many sites will have them, and it usually goes something like “ABOUT” and then they have a paragraph. But it shows up on every single page… How can that be good for SEO? Duplicate content?

I can understand in cases where the site is full of 2000 word articles. But what about sites that have about 100 words of content at best on each page? like woo-commerce stores. This has to be bad…Yes? no? or best to…

Are Wordpress Widgets good for SEO