Singer Gets 2 Years In Prison For Posting This Video!

Egyptian Singer Sentenced To Two Years in Prison Over Music Video in Which She Suggestively Eats Fruit

21-year-old Egyptian pop singer Shaimaa Ahmed, who goes professionally by
“Shyma”, was reportedly found guilty on Tuesday of “inciting debauchery” and
publishing a lewd film.

According to the Guardian, a Cairo court sentenced Shyma to two years in prison
for this crime, and fined her…

Singer Gets 2 Years In Prison For Posting This Video!

Your Social Media Leads – My Domains, Tools & Offers (beginner marketers welcome)

Every once in a while I see threads where people ask how to monetize their SM profiles, groups, pages etc and often get themselves banned.

As I am working on long term projects building traffic takes a while so was thinking about a Joint Venture on the side with one or more persons who have big accounts but don’t have the tools and/or knowledge to monetize so we both benefit.

I earn a little bit of money on the side and you have the same and learning a bit more about monetizing outside the…

Your Social Media Leads – My Domains, Tools & Offers (beginner marketers welcome)

should i go back to my dads firm?

Im 17 and i quit accounting last month, everyone is telling me i’m stupid i could have just employed an accountant to do the work for me i could be sitting there. Thing is, I don’t want to waste 6 years of my life studying shit i absolutely hate. I have a clear vision of what I want to do. Any advice?

PayPal stealth withdraw

Good day,

Is there any advice for withdrawing money from PayPal stealth account for non-US customer? Buying items in stores? Buy bitcoins?

Thanks in advance!

free version of woozone v9.0

i really want an anwer for this question i have searched for free verison of woozone and i want to work with in my affiliate website is that okay and what s the defferance between this free version and the paid version thanks and sorry my english

Im desperate guys. I need advice

I know you see many postes like this every day. But i have to do it too. Im poor student who would like to earn some money on the internet. But. I have red alot of threads here also tried some methods like IG + CPA bought bot bought proxies, hosting domain, basicly tried to do my best. But i get baned after few days and made 0.39€. I want to ask you for help because i cant find valid method for making money. Im tired of doing CPA again and every thing i find here in this section seems…

Im desperate guys. I need advice

Actual use of BTC

Before making any normal investment I would ask myself: “what use does this product have?” (BTC is a product, not a currency).

I obviously thought: okay I can buy stuff and transfer money across the world in 2-6 hours for low fees.

But I can do the same with USD or GBP.

What are the unique features of BTC?
Why do you invest? (other than to make money, because that isn’t a reason)


Hey there,
I’m using GMT 2 as a bot on instagram, and somewhy it the DMs has stopped sending.
It says at the error list the following – “Temporary block, unable to perform action.”
I don’t use any proxy, and I still didn’t actually understand how proxies help the bot to run better and if the solution for this is a proxy.

I have to mention that it suddenly just stopped DMing, it used to DM pretty smoothly.

[AGED] Feverr Account Review

Hello. I want to start my own online bussines but dont have startup money for that.

I saw some guys want reviews for their Fiverr products so if someone want i have 2 years old account there with linked social media.
Hope its valid.

Thnx For respond