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Another scammer to my list. We agreed on $20 and $20 after i receive the account. He took my first $20 for yandex money account then he just blocked me on skype so i don’t think need to wait for this.



He sent fake logins…

Scammed by WORK@HOME

Free DA 69 Backlink [LIMITED TIME – 4 days]

So within all the cryptocurrency hype, I went beyond my trading of it and joined the platform SteemIt.

They’re growing very quickly; within only two months, they’ve reached the top 2000 in Alexa. It’s a platform where you earn their own cryptocurrency (SBD) by posting content, sharing content or ‘curating’ (liking) comments. You can then exchange their coins for BTC or a few other popular crypto coins and cash-out with some real money. I’d recommend checking it out over at


Free DA 69 Backlink [LIMITED TIME – 4 days]

How to spam my skype safely

I’ve about 3,000 costumers on skype, so I don’t recognize anymore who’s active and who’s not.

I decided to make new skype account with professional user ID related to my company name.
my question is, is there any method to spam my customers telling them to add my new skype?

The BEST advertising platform: FB Ads, AdWords etc…

I wanted to start this thread to discuss which advertising platform is the best, where you get the most targeted website clicks for your money.

Let’s say: If we compare for example AdWords, BingAds, FB ads, Outbrain,… where do you advertise? And why?

Or do you rather spend your money for shoutouts to get traffic to your site?

Facebook PPE Help

hello guys so my friend and i started investing in facebook ads to grow our page we did our first campaign and we got great results in terms of cpc and engagement but doesn’t seem to convert us likes to the page we got only 5 new likes this day what are doinf wrong because as i know that’s how you grow pages when you first start



Domain without DMCA / DMCA Ignored.

I’m still looking for domain offshore and without DMCA / DMCA Ignored.

Because of my site using anime streaming. It’s software made by D1NZ developer. It is not affiliated with any CMS.

We have still used domain in anime streaming from nominalia.

nominalia is good? nominalia is location in spanish.

Thank you. import a lot of accounts


Somebody know’s a mail program that i can import 50 accounts so when all 50 receives mail i can see it from this program? I don’t want to keep loggin in those accounts one for one..

I tried with macbook mail program have import all the 50 mail accounts manually but the mail program not responding anymore to much account’s for it to handle i think..

would be great if i can import them by txt file just username,password

How to: Get Out Of Shadow Ban

I’ve figured out how to get out of shadow ban from Instagram. How do you know if you are shadow banned? Well, if your likes and engagement per photo have dropped or you feel something isn’t right with your account, you are shadow banned. Another way to find out is to post and include hashtags that isn’t super popular. You want to be able to find your post when you search for these hashtags and not have to scroll down and look for them and wondered if the post got posted or didn’t it. If you…

How to: Get Out Of Shadow Ban