free promotions for dropshipping stores!!!!!!

Hello everybody,i have a shopify store already and i made a another new one,for the one i have already in that i am running fb ads and its pain in my ass.
Now i was thinking of making an another one new store and most of stuff are set,now the important…

Should I increase the price to my service ??? Results better than expected

Hello guys,

For almost 3 months now I built a website to sell some backlinks packages . I’ve got around more than 20 customers….few of them ordered at every 1-2 weeks and still ordering for different websites, so its pretty good I’d say :D

So…my packages start from $15 and go to $35 (not too much)….. Thing is almost all my customers achived page 1 to 3 rankings after 2-4 weeks depending on the pack they choose. (local country niches – 500 – 10k searches monthly max each keyword)…

Should I increase the price to my service ??? Results better than expected

[REVIEWERS] WordPress PBN building service


I am offering some review copies for reputable members who are not selling PBN services here, and starting their reply with a dot. I am expecting honest and detailed reviews.

You’ll get a PBN designed by me. I may offer free content as well. If you have content ready, that would be nice.

I will share what is needed to accepted members. Just for clarifying, domains are not provided by me.

Please, do not PM me.

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[REVIEWERS] WordPress PBN building service

Churn and burn help

Hello, I want to learn about churn and burn method from real examples. I need to find website which is already burned so I can learn from that example (learn about backlinks, connect some dots, get wide view)… Where I can find such domain, I already …

Will AI take over the world ?

Hi guys , I saw many vids of Sophia by HansonRobotics that got a citizenship by Arabia , she is very smart and learns daily , the science guy behind this said in a vid that in 4-5 years it will reach human level of IQ, also I saw some of these vids
, …

help please… home page ranking instead of landing pages.

i created service page in my company’s website that i want to rank for 3 word long keyword. onpage content is around 500 words with proper on-page as i included some LSI and other related words with content.

but after i published that page, it was not appearing in first 400 results so i added some more content 250 words in total 750 words.

now home page is ranking on somewhere b/w 200-250 result.

DA is 21 and home page PA is 33.

home page title contains that targeted keyword one…

help please… home page ranking instead of landing pages.