first post

Sup, been watching this site for a while was about to embark on a website idea last november when more problems piled up on problems and it has set me back pretty much till now hopefully I can catch up soon and maybe contribute one day.

Need opinion on Flat Earth niche.

Disclaimer- I am not on crack.

Is this niche profitable ?

I am thinking of writing a ebook about " Reasons why the earth is Flat" or "99 proves that the earth is flat"

with regards – badpanda69

Offshore comapanies – your experiences

I am interestend in opening a company. First I was thinking to open company in my country, but laws in my country are really old and we don’t have really good defined laws abot IM.
So I am interestend in opening an offshore company. Biggest pros for d…

Greetings and Respects from California !!!

I don’t know shit just that I’ve tried everything the wrong way first i own more scripts and themes than code canyon been burned on flippa for around 500. have more so many add on domains on my brave lil shared hosting that i dont even have room to install hello dolly on the one wordpress install i was able to cram in there you get the picture. Anyway this place is dope I ve already learned a lot just snoopin I hope i can contribute one day as well as well ,