Invalid Click – Attack

Someone doesn’t like my ads and I’ve been targeted with invalid clicks

before the [08/11/2017] I had 1-2 invalid clicks per day over a period of +12 months.

[09/11/2017] – 1,070 invalid clicks
[10/11/2017] – 440 invalid clicks [and the day will go on for another 14 hours]

My daily budget is $100 and google charged me for +$500 initially for the 9th. [finally adjusted it]
Then I called the Adwords support and described the issue, and I was told I am getting a huge amount of invalid clicks,…

Invalid Click – Attack

Offshore hosting

Has anyone had any experience with either of these hosting?
Hostkoala and Bingloft:

Building following

Hey guys, apparently is a gold mine if you are in that niche. I just downloaded the app and I plan to build a fan base by following people, and I was wondering is anyone doing the same thing atm? What are the limits per day? I cant find any …

Monetize an iPhone Blog

I have a blog about iPhones that is receiving 15,000 unique monthly visitors as its ranked in the first position for many keywords like iphone price, reviews….
The traffic is coming from a country where online shopping isn’t that popular so affiliate marketing isnt a good idea.
Any idea how can I monetize my website?
I am not interested in CPA offers like “win iPhone X” where the user enter his mobile number and subscribe to hidden services.
CPA would be a good idea as long as its…

Monetize an iPhone Blog

Max Test Ultra

So, once in a while it may be quite difficult for a man to understand for sure that he’s affected by fast ejaculation. What is noteworthy however is that most guys who’re demanding about their sexual performance will maximum probable be afflicted by a form of sexual disorder, both a quick ejaculation and a delayed one, which is also quite commonplace in some guys?