Hello World

Hi everyone,
Nice to meet you guys online. I’m a just an average man on the internet. Lets see how we can be of help to each other.

WTB airbnb accounts

I would like to buy a few AirBnb accounts. I need them to be verified, and at least 6 months old. IF they already have reviews (as host or as renter either one) I will pay extra. Let me know!

I want to make $10 per day.Needed Help

I am shahid from bangladesh. i have worked in youtube, Adfly but didn’t make money enough,,,i have some skill about video editing, Youtube video seo..i have already spend 3 years in online still i didn’t make money…in this case i could not help to my family…pls anyone here who help me to make money…pls pls pls

Mark Zuckerberg warned!

India has just warned Mark regarding the data theft that was reported last Saturday by New York Times..

The big story in short, With a political party’s support, a voter profiling start up has harvested over 50+ million profiles and their private information without their permission. The facebook’s tried defending the company that it was not a data breach..

It has reflected in India and it openly warned Mark that India cant tolerate such kind of data breach in the future and he will be…

Mark Zuckerberg warned!

Links from PBN and web 2.0 to the articles of a national newspaper ??? Will it work ???

If one gives links to articles of a national newspaper, will that help ? Theoretically, it might not matter too much or it might be the holy grail.

Arguments against: The newspaper has a million bucks worth of authority already. It’s ranking those articles through the sheer power of it’s domain authority.

Arguments for: Links to articles matter a lot. Exact anchor links from first page of web 2.0s and PBN might make a huge difference against other…

Links from PBN and web 2.0 to the articles of a national newspaper ??? Will it work ???


Hey all
As I told previously that i was doing a twitter cam adult niche method
I started this methld in december 2017 and till now I only have 2500 followers and have earned 15.11 dollars till now
I follow 1000 people daily but very less like 15 seems…