[Method] How To Get Viral On Reddit [200.000+ visits from 1 post]

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This is not a hit and run method, in order for you to get this much traffic you will have to first learn how Reddit works. Right from the start I have to say this, for people who are starting and who don’t know much about reddit this won’t bring you some big cash. But this method will bring a big rank on your site if you are persistent. I will mention this in the end of the post as well. Most of the redditors use ad blocker and this is one of the main reason why you won’t get much conversion form this but if you are looking to rank your site really quickly than this is something that you will have to do!!! If you manage to get a front page on reddit you will have a back link for life and you will most likely rank on the first page of Google for that post! If you are promoting videos than this is a very good method to get your video viral, but remember no matter if it is a video, article or picture, they have to be good.
This is a great method of promoting your stuff if you own some quality website or if you are some kind of artist or musician. But even if you are not, you can use this knowledge to promote someone else’s stuff and get cash for that or you can just promote your own page and after some time you will start making some big $$$$$$.

First thing is first, I have to mention some qualifications that you need to have and some rules that you have to follow if you want to accomplish this.


1. First of all you need to own a nice website. And by nice I mean a NICE website. Not some spammy website with a bad design and 10000 ads on it. Your website can be a brand new, but make sure you have more than 10+ posts on it. This is very important because redditors love good and smooth design, also when some of the moderators visit your website and see it looks like crap and it only has few posts you will be removed/banned ASAP.

2. If you planning on doing this like me, for more than just once than you can only have adsense on your site and also it is good to have a email submission form, this will work great if your site is good and it has a interesting content.

3. You content/article that you will be promoting must be in a top quality. This may be one of the most important things for this to work besides the good design.

4. Own a at least a VPS server if you are planning on going big (this is not necessary if you are planning on getting around 1-5k traffic on your site from Reddit, A DAY, but if you are planning on getting more than 100+ live visits and 1000+ hourly traffic on your site than I suggest you get a nice hosting because your website will just crash and you will lose all the traffic and worst case scenario your domain gets banned)



DON’T SPAM!!! (This is not some black hat way of making quick cash so follow me till the end and I will explain what I mean by not spamming)



1. Desing/Look of the website:

I will guess that you already own a website/blog, and if you don’t just make one. Ok so first I will start with the design. Reddit loves themes that look professional. By professional I mean themes that are simple and easy to read through, so if you are planning on doing this than make sure you set up some nice theme. Here are some suggestions for WordPress themes that you can use for this method:

Awaken, The SSMAG, Lola, Semicolon, Hueman, Newsmag.
(google them)

There are plenty more themes that you can use but I just wanted to give you an idea on what kind of themes work on Reddit. If you want to promote a book or a video than of course this are not the themes that you will have to use. Depending on what you will promote you chose the right theme. Usually people promote news articles and this is the right themes for that.

2. Set up the adds:

Now I know that all of you have some special spot that you want to put your ads on but believe me don’t do it!!! There are only few spots that will work with Reddit, and why is that? Well if some of the moderators visit your site (this will most likely happen) and if they see that in the middle of the text you have a BIG ASS banner than you will get removed/banned. If you don’t believe me than go to Reddit rules and go through 1000000 pages of Reddit rules and you will see for yourself. TRUST ME Reddit is all about rules, if you break them you are gone. Ok I was a little bit to strong there but it is the best for you because if you get too comfortable and think that you can somehow beat Reddit you will get banned! So yes you can bend and go around some rules but if they catch you they will most likely ban you and your domain. The best spots that I find to work good for Reddit are: banner on top, banner around the text (but only one), banner on the bottom, and a banner on the sidebar. DONT put banners in the middle of the text!!!

Here are some pictures. Usually if you are using a good theme they have a build in features for this.

Home Page:


Post Page:

This are only suggestions to let you know where the ads should be properly position, so you can change the sides or anything that you want. The main this is to look good and not look like a spam.

3. Build your Reddit account:
(this will be a big one, stay with me)

Before you can start posting articles from your site you need to have a good looking Reddit account. It doesn’t have to be really old but if it is than it will be better for you.
The most important thing about building a good Reddit account is to be active (like on any other social media) You need to post and comment frequently. One of the most important Reddit rule is that if you are promoting your website or anything that belongs to you than you can’t post it more than 20% of your total posts. I know this sounds a bit confusing but it goes like this. If you are promoting your website and every other post that you make on Reddit is from your link/website than you or your domain will get banned, because that would be 50% of your total posts. So this is why I said you need to be active and post/comment with your account. If you post and comment than you will have more space to post your own website. For me the best thing to do is to post something and comment on something every 1-2h. In around 1 week you will have good account.

Here is a way to build good karma/points for beginners.

The best way to get some karma/points, is to post in some NSFW/adult subreddits (if you don’t know what a subreddit is than imagine it like a category). Find some adult subreddits, READ THE RULES of the subreddit and post some nude pictures. Than find some post and leave a good comment on it. Try not to be insulting and don’t troll. Comment something nice so you can get points from the comment as well. Do this every 1-2h for 1 week and you will have a good Reddit account to start with.

4. In the mean while

While you are building your reddit account you can set up and make your website look good. After you have done that you need to find some good content that you will share/promote on Reddit. Usually the best content that works for Reddit is news. Have in mind that you if are planning on getting viral on Reddit than you will have to post in some big subreddits that have lots of subscribers. Search Reddit and you will find the biggest subreddits, find some subreddit that you like. Make sure the content that you promote is connected with that subreddit. Finding good content to share (you article has to be a top quality one, so if you are not a good writer than find someone to write you a good article). You can also promote a Video, same thing goes for a video but make sure you post a direct link to the video, like a direct link from a YouTube channel/video. Don’t post the YouTube link on your site and then share the link to some subreddit, that doesn’t work. Spend some time on the subreddit that you are planning on promoting your stuff and understand how it works. You can also promote some streaming videos or if you are into porn than you can promote that as well but as I said find the subreddits that you are planning to post in, understand how they work, see how others are posting/doing it!

5. Post it

Best time for posting on Reddit: 7AM – 10 AM Newyork time

After you have made a post there is not much that you can do. If you want to make sure that you will get front page Reddit (viral) than don’t post in some subreddit that already has a post that is on the front of Reddit or it has lots of upvotes. Every day people post all kinds of stuff and some of them will make on the front. So if the subreddit that you want to post in already has a post on the front than don’t bother posting and wait for the next day. Also a good thing is if you can get 10 upvotes in the first hour of the post. Don’t try to make more accounts on your computer and upvote it on your own, this won’t work. The only way this will work if you set up a some accounts on proxy and you do it that way (keep in mind they have to be more than 1 month old and they need to have at least 10+ posts and 100+ karma otherwise Reddit will filter the upvotes and they will ban you). If you have new account i suggest you promote your stuff once or max twice a week, after you have build up some karma and you understand how things work you can start promoting more aggressively but i don’t suggest you do that.

+If you want to go to the next level:

If you want to do this right than give yourself a time. Buy 10 proxys and set up an account on each proxy. Find a way to be online all the time on them while you are working, spend 10-20 minutes every 2hrs updating them with one post and one comment. After few weeks you will have 10 accounts that you can upvote from. This way when you post something you can upvote it form this accounts and you will increase the chance that you will get front. Also you can offer this on Fiver, for a quality upvotes people pay lot of cash…

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Here is something that you need to know about Reddit if you are planning on doing this. Don’t expect a big conversion right away. First of all if your site is new than you won’t get a high RPM on adsense, second, depending on the content that you will be promoting you will get more or less engagement. And third, know that most of the redditors use ad blocker, so one of the biggest use of this method is for ranking and building back links that will last forever!!! For every post that I have made to front, I get people visiting my sites even after 6 months of that post. If you get front on reddit than you will also rank really high on Google.

I know that there will be lot of haters and people who don’t have anything better to do then to find some mistakes and flaws in this but know this, i have been in IM more than 1 year and in Reddit for around 1 year and i managed to get 5 million visits a month to a site. How long have you been IM and how much traffic have you manage to get… Think about this before you start trolling….

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Yes you can make some good cash from this and I will share with you guys my biggest success but keep in mind that this month I had 10+ fronts and help from some people so this would be really hard to accomplish for someone who is starting but on a good day you can make anywhere from $50 to $300 from one viral post that will be on the front.

I know that there will be trolls who will question this but i don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!!!

This is something that is not possible until you know how Reddit completely works…