Just getting some stuff off my mind

TDLR at bottom.

This is longer than I thought so if you dont feel like reading then dont lol it really is long.

Okay so I got on today and it was going well until I read a thread about someone asking us to give him life changing advice on rather to move in with his mom and live a good life or to move with his cousin who lives in a drug house with rats and roaches ect.. After that I read a post about someone asking whats the loneliest thing you have ever done and people were posting some stupid stuff. I just keep looking back now at my fucked up childhood and keep thinking how lucky some of these idiots have it in life. I mean there are days where I wish I would have told defacs that I want to go live with the foster family they sent me to when I was little just thinking what it would have meant for me. I mean if there was one point in my life and only one that I could chose to go back to and do something different that would be the point. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with my life to some extent but I have honestly put some serious thought into that question when I read a post someone made on here asking that question. And that was about 2 years ago when I read it. Today made me just think about all that crap I went through as a kid and now I just want to vent some of it for some reason. So I am going to tell you just some of the things good and bad that I went through growing up for no reason but to say it. I have never told anyone my life story but I want to say some of the things I keep bottled up.
So I guess I will start by telling you my earliest memory. When I was I am guessing about 2 years old I can remember watching a cartoon on tv with my sister who is two years older than me. I can remember the cartoon because of what happened next. The cartoon was the one with the mommy bird trying to get the baby bird to eat a cracker. His name was polly and she said polly want a cracker or I think thats what was said lol. Anyways the bird ate it and threw up. Well I remember because I think I might have been sick but my sister gave me a cracker to eat and I through up. My dad was really pissed about me throwing up in the floor so my mom says which who knows if she really remembers that.

I cant remember too much from my childhood so I will skip ahead to age 6. I was always playing by myself with trucks or cars or gi joes ect.. but I remember getting s few friends where we lived in a trailer park which was a huge trailer park. well the so called friends I remember torchering me. When I say torcher I mean that they would hold me down and shoot me with a bee bee gun. or they would send me into the water at a lake to push me in or scare me saying there are fish that will eat me ect..

Well we moved after a few years die to my dad walking out on us. I remember the day he left too. He and my mom argued and my mom was begging him not to leave and then he started walking out then I started crying begging him not to go but he just left not saying bye or anything to me.

Well my mom then met my step dad after awhile and I never really liked him since i hardly ever seen him. We moved out of the trailer park and into a hotel room where my new step dad let my cat run off. I remember waking up one morning to them having sex. they were on the bed and me and my sister were sleeping in the floor next to the bed.

Well we ended up moving a lot and then I started to get tossed around between family member to family member which I found out later in life it was because my mother was on drugs real bad which my step dad got her on. Well she got pregnant and had my little brother and he mostly was with my step dad or his rich family who I was never around much either.

Me and my sister were really close or rather I was really close to her since she was my only friend and all that. Well She got older and so she drifted from me so I was alone at that point but after a few years of always moving around I turned 9 and I actually lived with my mom again for about a year. During this time I met an older kid who I thought was a friend again but turned out not to be the case. He took me to where there were horses and we went there and went to the barn/shack and he got a saddle and harness and we were able to get a horse to a fence and he put it all on the horse. Well he didnt know what he was doing but I didnt know that at the time lol. He convinced me to ride the horse first. So I got on and he hit the horse and the horse took off. I held on but the saddle was sliding over the side with me on it and we were coming up on some trees so I did all I could and finally was able to fall off and hit the ground right before I would have been killed by hitting face first into a tree.
After that we left and I took a whip with me and hid it under someones trailer on the way home. Later that day a police officer came to my house and I took him to where I put the whip and it was gone. I thought I was just in trouble for taking a whip but it turned out that there was A LOT of things I got into trouble for that I didnt even do. Like stealing horse meds and shooting the horse with bee bee gun which I didnt even own and a whole lot more. We had to go to court and my mom didnt want to get me a lawyer and told me to plead guilty. So I did to everything that all the other people did and my taking the whip. I was supposed to be on probation for 1 year and pay $750 fine and write a letter to the lady who owned the horses. I never did any of this stuff. My mom moved or went back to drugs then I went to defacs and they sent me to a foster family for awhile with my sister. then one morning they asked us who we wanted to go to and my sister said my dad and I said my grandma. They split us up. My dad ended up moving to california and so did my sister. I was always moving every two months or so to some other family members house. I never got to really make any friends and I got to the point I never tried. One day I got back with my mom and she had me for like 3 weeks then sent me with my dad to california. I actually liked it since i missed him like crazy even though I was mad about him leaving me. Well We drove there which was a two or three day drive. I loved the ride we talked little but I got to see all sorts of things. He even showed me a grave in texas up on a mountain and said it was the grave of billy the kid though I really have no idea if it was true I thought it was and was really amazed lol. Well once we get there I see my grandpa on dads side is there and I meet my dads new girlfriend. She seemed nice. I got to see my sister and that made me happy. Until she had school all the time and my dad worked all the time and so did his girlfriend so I mainly played in our back yard catching snails on the side of the house. I was once again very lonely. I was never invited to go to the beach or to go anywhere that they took my sister so I stayed home. I did develop a habbit of catching the ice cream man and buying Lucas chilli powder candy the one in the yellow container. I never went to school there so I stayed home by myself since my grandpa always went to the pool hall down the street and I could not go because I was too young. I think I got in trouble for something by my dad and I cried and my dad didnt know why because it was something so stupid and I told him I miss my mom and I want to leave so he sent me away to her the next day on a plane by myself. It was my first time being on a plane so I was excited and more so that I was alone. I got there and my mom picked me up and I was happy for that. I heard a week later they took my sister to disney world or land whichever is there. That pissed me off lol. Anyways my mom tried for awhile to make it just me and her. I am not sure where my brother was. Once again though she got back on drugs and was gone. I went to live with some otehr family members again. She came back after about 4 weeks this time on christmas eve and stayed the night with us. She went to get me some presents that night and put them under the tree. The next morning she was gone again. But I did get a paintball gun so I kept busy with that with my cousins. I was thrown around for a few weeks until my mom came and picked me up. This kind of stuff went on for a year or so im not sure honeslty. But I remember one day my sister moved back with us. I was happy about that even though she didnt really spend time with me anymore because she was older now and had all kinds of friends. I didnt mind I was used to the solo thing by then. Well we were good for about 2 years always moving but together at least. Until it happened again and this time she took us to my dad who was in south carolina this time. Mertle beach. Man I love that place. We live 1 block from the beach in an apartment/condo. I actually went to school there =). I liked school but I was bullied a lot but it was a easier school than what I was used to so I didnt mind name calling and shit like that. I didnt get into fights at least. Oh and the best part about living with my dad there was that he owned a pool hall and I got to go on weekends and bring my little tent and camp out in there once it closed. I mean I was allowed in there while they were open which I stayed there every weekend all day and night saturday and sunday. then monday back to school and the condo. I learned to play pool and I was really good. I mean I beat teh adults and my dad would put up wagers for people to play me lol. I could barely see over the table and hold a stick so they jumped all on it for awhile until they got to know me then it was hard to play anyone. My grandpa lived there in the pool hall and every night he gave me a $10 roll of quarters to play the gambling machine with and sometimes I won though he kept the money xD. Well after awhile I think he sold the place or something because I never went back so I started doing things on the blvd since we lived one street up. I would walk down the street to the pavillion which was like a small amusement park with rides and games ect.. Well I would look on the streets for wrist bands and I eventually found all 7 colors so I could put the band on and I would go every day to ride rides for free. then I would go to one of the hotels and they had this swimming pool that went in circles like a lazy river. I loved that place lol. Well all good things come to an end and this time it was my mom came up to stay with us and my dad took her out one night. Well next thing I know I wake up and my dad is gone and my mom is making us leave as well but we have no money other than what my sister had from her birthday which was like $60. we spent that to pay for a motel room way down the blvd near the arcades. the next day my mom taught me how to hussle some money and food so I went to work on the drunks and got us some money and I got free food by going to pizza places and crying telling them I dropped my pizza lol it worked every time. But you can only do it once per place so it ran out within a few days. My mom went whoring around so we had a motel room to sleep in. One day we finally got into a shelter for a few days but a hurricane was coming and they were evacuating. So one of my aunts came to get us and we went to her house where I had three cousins who I loved to go visit. Oh and I guess I should tell you how big my family is so you can understand how often I was living with someone different. I have 9 aunts and two uncles and a lot of cousins. Thats just on my moms side who is mostly the side I was thrown around on. Well after some point my dads mom took me in and I ended up living with her since she found me living with my mom in a tent lol. I liked living with her since she let me do whatever I wanted to do and she fed me and clothed me. I went to school finally for more than a couple of months. thats when I met friends and also when I started getting into trouble. I got on drugs ect.. I went to jail for a few months here and there. I finally at 18 or 19 met my now wife and I started to get better and not get into much trouble. I did screw up and give a tattoo to some teen who was friends with my wife and I didnt think much about it but it turned out it was illegal so I got into BIG TROUBLE. That was a complete idiotic thing for me to do but other than that I have been nothing but a loving husband and I am doing my best to be a Dad that I never had.
I do still talk with my dad and plan to go work with him soon and I still talk with my mom who is finally off drugs though she does take pills lol but better now she had finally been with someone who got her off the drugs which I love him for that. She has been with him for 10-15 years now and they are doing very well. I can not thank him enough for that. My sister has three kids now and step kid and a husband and they are doing well other than some issues with one of there kids. She needs a kidney transplant who the father is giving her but if it doesnt take then she will die and my sister already had an abortion once and that about killed her. I pray it goes well I really do. My brother just got out of prison which he has been in jail since 15 for fighting. He always got into trouble for fighting while in school then while in jail until he went to prison then he stopped fighting. I should say when he got in fights or hit someone he got into trouble for it was always an authority figure. Not just fighting some random person. He would have done 1 year but he hit a guard tehn he got 5 years then he hit another guard ect.. I am glad he is out lol He is now always at home with mom playing Black ops 3 on ps4. He will be going to college with me next month to learn some skills. He will do fine now I truely believe this. I just want people to understand how bad life could be for them and how bad life is for others. I mean my story is not a good one but honestly I know it could have been worse. I am happy I have a family who I love. I plan to be a simple man from now on and never get into trouble I can avoid from now on. No more stupid shit.

TLDR: I basically got upset about a lot of post about people thinking they have a bad life so I told my story in a nut shell. Things were bad but I am basically fine now. People should just think about how bad things could have been or could be to be happy with what they have.