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Here we go! Something to help you make tier one and beyond content (Or even Money Site for the daring) which is completely unique, completely readable, and best of all, FREE for you.

This is the lightningblitz Guide to Editing and Spinning Article AKA …

The Idiots Guide to Editing and Spinning Articles!

I got a lot of questions how I edit content to post onto tier properties. Now I buy content. When I started? I used a simple method of spinning and editing content manually to have a piece which makes perfect sense (Often better than the original) and would pass any review.

Why am I sharing this super secret method? Well, I am sick of trying to explain this in PM. Second, my previous posts on this subject may have been confusing so this does justify clarification. Lastly, this is useful to everyone at any level. Content can be expensive to add to your PBN or tier one / tier two properties. It is hard to justify $10 an article like I do for a PBN post. This is a free and easy way to get around that cost. The real benefit lies in you learn how to make your own content flow better, how to structure it better, and what to look for when you are buying content. Yes, I will explain these points as we go.

Step One: Find a Seed Article

What is a seed article? A seed article is the root article you are going to use to create a new piece of content. All you want to do is type your desired niche or KW into google. How to type your keyword into google? Click here.

For this example, we will use ‘Acne Solutions’ as our key word.

You then look at SERPs for your selected Key Word. In this example I get number one result of a stores website. Some things you want to avoid in getting content would be:

1. Youtube
2. Online Stores
3. WebMD
4. How to Websites

Any website which either gives you content spread across multiple pages is a no no. Any website where you can’t copy and paste an article from is a no no. You want something easy and straight forward for you to do.

Using this example I look at the top results to look for a website which will give me an easy article to copy.

Why do I suggest not using the aforementioned? Youtube is more work to transcribe and requires a different type of quality control. It is a GREAT way to get completely unique content, so I would not count it out. For my purposes it is too much work.

Online stores are obvious, they often exclude enough content to scrape.

Others like Web MD and and ‘How to’ websites have short steps, captions or quotes often on multiple pages. If you want to scrape the content you would need to skip through many pages and ads. Plus, the content does not flow, each page normally has a specific concept on each different page.

Going through the rest of the Top 10 shows me stores like Sephora and Burts Bees and some more multi page sites which are awful for our purposes.

So page one is a bust. This KW was selected because it is harder to scrape content from.

Page two? Stores. Amazon. Macys. JUNK.

Page three? BUST. Stores again. Huff Post! Oh wait, crappy picture with some content on each page. Walmart. Target. Independent shops.

Page four? Junk… and I found one ‘okay’ piece. Link is HERE.

It is an inner page of a website called divinecaroline targeting ‘free acne solutions.’

The Article, copy and paste, is:


With the hot, humid summer months here, acne is a more regular occurrence for those of us with oily or sensitive skin types. And what's more is that we unknowingly do and use everyday items that further increase our chances of a breakout. And while some of us may be quite cautious and careful with our skin, there are certain factors that you might not even consider to be acne causers that are in fact giving you acne.

Dirty Makeup Brushes

It sounds gross but many of us who use different makeup brushes throughout our morning routine rarely clean them frequently enough to cut down on the acne-causing bacteria that they can store.

And while I have definitely been guilty of this throughout the years, it is one factor that is probably causing more acne outbreaks than you realize.

After all, think about how many times you use your makeup brushes throughout the month, and if you aren't properly cleaning them, that oil and dirt just sits there building up more bacteria.

A simple solution to this is to grab some dishwashing soap and give your brushes a good cleaning. Dishwashing soap is quite effective for cleaning brushes as it's inexpensive, you usually have it around the house, and it's antibacterial which means it will strip away any dirt festering in your brushes.

It's a cheap and easy acne solution that will cut down your chances of spreading pore-clogging bacteria onto your face each morning.


How often do you clean your phone?

If you are like me, then chances are your answer is never.

And while it is quite common for us to not clean our phones, it is one device we use many times throughout the day.

We touch our skin with it, keep it in our bag with other products, and allow it to build up serious amounts of oil, dirt, and bacteria before transferring that bacteria back onto our skin.

And if you have oily or sensitive skin and get pimples on your cheeks, chin, or close to your ears, your phone could be the reason why.

A quick and easy fix would be to get a paper towel or tissue, dampen it with an antibacterial spray and gently clean the front and back of your phone. Be sure your paper towel isn't too wet as you don't want to damage your phone, you just want to get rid of the bacteria.

If you clean your phone a few times a month, you should notice breakouts in those areas subsiding.

Your Hands

Simply put, this is your new mantra: I will not touch my face throughout the day.

If you are prone to acne breakouts, you may want to start taking notice of how many times throughout the day you touch your face.

You see, our hands naturally have oil on them and when we touch things throughout our day and then touch our faces, we are adding more dirt and bacteria to our skin than necessary.

And if you aren't much of a hand washer, well, you are only further increasing your chances of a breakout by directly clogging your pores with dirt and bacteria found on the many surfaces you touch throughout a normal day.

Simple solution: stop touching your face. End of story.

These tips may seem simple and basic but each one of us is guilty of at least one of them, and if you are looking for an easy way to lower your chances of a breakout, start incorporating these new habits into your routine.

The best part is, they don't cost you any money!

So onto the next step as you have an article.

Step Two: Spin Your Article

Let me begin this as easily as possible to find my preferred spinner. How to find it? Click here.

The direct URL is

This is a basic free spinner. Put your article into the box below’Enter the article you want to spin with Best Free Spinner below:’

In the box, paste the article you want to spin. In our case I take the above article and put it in. A scroll down to the option which I want to spin the article. I always suggest use the default frequency of ‘spin as many words as possible’ which helps prevent duplicate content. Then click ‘spin article’.

After I spin the article I get this:


With the hot, monsoon summer season below, acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts. And what's more is we undoubtedly do as well as work with day-to-day goods that even more increase your probabilities of the large. Even though some of us might be very cautious as well as cautious with our skin tone, there are certain variables that you not just look at to become acne breakouts causers of which are actually supplying you with acne breakouts.

Filthy Makeup Brushes

That seems gross but most of us who work with distinct makeup foundation brushes all through your morning schedule almost never fresh them usually sufficient to eliminate this acne-causing bacteria they can shop.

Even though I've absolutely also been remorseful in this throughout the many years, it is 1 aspect which is most likely creating more acne breakouts acne outbreaks in comparison with you understand.

All things considered, take into consideration the number of instances you utilize the makeup foundation brushes throughout the calendar month, in case you're not effectively cleaning them, of which oil and dirt merely sits there racking up more bacteria.

A straightforward treatment for this can be to seize a number of dishwashing water and soap and allow the brushes a great cleaning. Dishwashing water and soap is fairly useful regarding cleaning brushes while it really is economical, an individual ordinarily have that at home, and it's really antibacterial so this means it's going to strip away just about any dust festering in your brushes.

It is just a cheap as well as effortless acne breakouts remedy that will lessen the probabilities of spreading pore-clogging bacteria on your deal with each day.


The way frequently does one fresh the mobile phone?

For anyone who is such as me personally, and then it�s likely the response is never ever.

Even though it is very widespread for us to not fresh your mobile phones, it is 1 device we work with oftentimes during the day.

We all touch our skin with it, hold that in this bag using various other merchandise, as well as allow it to develop critical numbers of acrylic, dust, as well as bacteria before transferring of which bacteria again upon our skin.

And when you have fatty or even very sensitive skin tone and get pimple on the cheeks, face, or even all around the hearing, the mobile phone will be the answer why.

The simple resolve is always to get a document hand towel or even tissue, lower that through an antibacterial apply as well as gently fresh the leading as well as again of the mobile phone. Be certain the document hand towel is just not also wet when you don't would like to destruction the mobile phone, you just want to eliminate bacteria.

In the event you fresh the mobile phone a few times monthly, it is best to observe acne outbreaks with those people regions subsiding.

The hands

Simply put, this can be your mantra: I most certainly will not necessarily touch my own deal with during the day.

For anyone who is susceptible to pimples, you might start taking observe connected with the number of instances during the day an individual touch that person.

You see, your hands and wrists effortlessly include acrylic to them then when we touch factors all through your evening then touch your encounters, we're introducing more dust as well as bacteria to your skin tone in comparison with important.

And if you're not high of the hand washer, well, that you are merely even more boosting your probabilities of the large through immediately clogging the pores using dust as well as bacteria located on the numerous areas an individual touch throughout a usual evening.

Uncomplicated remedy: quit coming in contact with that person. Stop connected with tale.

The following tips might seem uncomplicated as well as standard but all of us is remorseful connected with no less than one of which, in case you are looking for a fun way to the probabilities of the large, start adding these kinds of new routines in the schedule.

The very best portion is, it doesn't set you back money!

Phew. Time for the hard part, the manually editing the content.

Step Three: Manually Edit the Content

Step three is the hard part, which most people mess up. Normally when proof reading you edit word choice and help improve the articles flow. What you are doing here is not just editing word choice and improve flow, you want to liberally add and remove content to put together unique thoughts. Word choice can’t just be changed because if you did that, your piece of spun content will match your previous piece.

To start I will use the first couple sentences of spun content:

"With the hot, monsoon summer season below, acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts. And what’s more is we undoubtedly do as well as work with day-to-day goods that even more increase your probabilities of the large."

Now you put your English cap on and see some issues. Run on sentences. Not a uniform writers tone. Etc. You want to change the tone of the piece as well as condense flowery content and make normal content more flowery.

For example, the line: "With the hot, monsoon summer season below, acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts" is very flowery. A lot of content which is not needed and is being intentionally verbose. Why is it? To captivate a readers emotions. So for this line I want to condense the flowery text into a more straight forward thought.

"With the hot, monsoon summer season below, acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts."

‘With the hot, monsoon summer season below…’ is a long run – on sentence which detracts from the information and is just filling space. To make is less flowery you want to remove words and make the point more concise.

Take that sentence and make it direct, and you get a few variations. One could be: "When seasons change," I removed a lot of ‘fluff’ and made the point more direct. Seasonal wordage also can mess your piece up depending what part of the year it is when you post the content, so that is one of the first things I will edit.

You want to go line by line either condensing flowery content or fluffing super direct content. Next you have "Acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts."

Again, that is flowery , beats around the bush. But it also brings into play a key word of ‘Acne’. For Key Words like this you want to swap it out for a LSI or related key word. This helps mold the content into an entirely new piece. For our sake I will pick ‘Pimple’. I finish the sentence and remove all other clutter which is in the way. I also fix typos and grammar errors which spinning created. "acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts."

Bold is used for the LSI witch. Italics is used for the grammatical swap so the sentence. The underline is used, same as before, for flowery content which can be shortened.

Your new sentence is, "Pimple breakouts are far more common for people with sensitive skin.

Now, lets look at the original sentence:

"With the hot, humid summer months here, acne is a more regular occurrence for those of us with oily or sensitive skin types."

Next, the spun sentence:

"With the hot, monsoon summer season below, acne breakouts is a more typical occurrence for all individuals using fatty or even very sensitive skin tone sorts."

Finally, my cleaned up and less babble sentence:

"When seasons change, pimple breakouts are far more common for people with sensitive skin."

When you compare the content, or run it through google to see if it is unique, it is completely original and new. But this is just an example of removing flowery content from a sentence. Let me pull up an example of fluffing content from the piece….

"The very best portion is, it doesn’t set you back money!"

What a beautiful and simple closing statement! But I want to pad my word count for this article so I take this short and to the point sentence and will fluff it up by adding any big and flowery word I can thing of.
"The very best portion is, it doesn’t set you back money!"

Let us look at the underlined. It is direct and to the point. I want to add some big words and take this simple point and stretch it out. So the first half of the sentence becomes:

"The very best portion of these aforementioned pimple solutions is"

What did I do? I added ‘aforementioned’ and added the LSI of ‘pimple solutions’ which is adding fluff to the sentence.

For the rest, "it doesn’t set you back money!" I made more simple changes.

It is a pronoun, and I swap ‘it’ for ‘pimple solutions’. Then I want to make the rest more flowery so I change "doesn’t set you back money" to "will not force you to take a second mortgage out on your house!"

If you pull it all together:

"The very best portion of these aforementioned pimple solutions is these pimple solutions will not force you to take a second mortgage out on your house!"

I more than doubled this sentences word count in about 30 seconds. Once you go through the entire piece you have a complete readable and unique piece of content.

Step Four: Common Mistakes

This is the part where I get to shed light on the mistakes people have when I explain this concept in PM or when explaining this concept to VAs.


You should ALWAYS edit the titles, h1 / h2 / h3 tags and have a new meta description. Always. For the above piece, one of the titles in the original piece was ‘Phones’. You should edit it and expand it. I would pick something like "Personal Communication Devices (Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers, and Beepers for you old folks!)"

Okay, I would probably put ‘Cubans’ and not old folks but that may be (Read may be as ‘is’) super offensive. But with the US now opening trade relations I would find that funny and include it.

The point is, you want it to look completely different. Do you really think a manual reviewer will real each post? I would bet no. I would bet they skim and compare content. So if your titles look different you should be good to go.

2. Do not be afraid to nip / tuck.

You are a surgeon. You have a scaple. You do not need to be afraid to trim the content up. Be willing to completely omit paragraphs or sentnces. You need to do it. Writers go on diatribes in their blogs. You need to nip the thought in the bud and keep it moving.

3. It does not need to be pretty.

In my example I turned the article into money site quality stuff. I know how to write, I have written for websites in the past and done my own content. If you are not an english native or not proficient that is fine. Just do your best. It does not matter much, trust me.

As always, share your thoughts and hate. This is what I did when I started and could not afford content and it worked like a charm. I hope I included everything!