How to optimize automation through Instagress + tips and techniques for Instagram

I commented on a post earlier regarding the use of Instagress and how to optimize your experience with this automation tool and I got a few PM’s wanting more information on how I run automation to build Instagram accounts. This is my first "guide" or at least what I am doing to create successful IG accounts. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as we are all still learning!

Straight to it:

Activity Speed : Fast (of course)
Media Source : My Feed (I am doing ‘My Feed’ so that it will like/comment on every photo but never comment more than once with the same user. I see higher follow return rate when I choose my feed as the source because not only do I follow the account but now I am interacting with them and it makes them want to follow back more)
Media Age: 1 Day (I want to be interacting with the newest material in my niche because I want to be the first one there before any one else)
Media Type: Any (Interact with everything)
Min. Likes Filter : 0 (Be the first)
Max. Likes Filter: 50 (Don’t interact with material that is too saturated)

Advanced Filters
Min. Comment filter: 0 (Be the first)
Max. Comments filters: 50 (Don’t interact with material that is too saturated)
User relation filter: Off (UNLESS you want to exclude your followers/following from being interacted with. This allows you to network broader but I am just looking for larger returns in follows with this setup)
User profile filter: Medium (I choose medium and not High for a few reasons. One being that at the High level, it is going to skip over real users who don’t have bios. Not everyone is going to have a bio, but does that mean I want to exclude them? No. Also at high, it excludes users who have less than 30 posted media. I do like that range of posts but at Medium I can exclude users with less than 10 and still interact with semi-newer accounts. It is merely an assumption that these accounts will be "newer" but even better time to strike an account when they have no followers and all of a sudden my amazing IG profile added them and is now interacting with them. Ultimately it is your decision if you want to only interact with more "completed" accounts, but might have more followers and not care so much about you. Just remember this set up is all about avoiding saturation)
Min. followers filter: 0
Max. followers filter: 1000 (1000 is a bit contradictory to the unsaturated approach, but if your account is big enough, you still want to interact with profiles that are rising and may play a role in helping your network grow be it reposting your content to their bigger followings or liking your content and having it shown in their feed for everyone to see. If you are just starting then I would recommend 500 because accounts with higher numbers are less likely to interact with you if they have more followers than you)
Tag + Tag filter: Unchecked (If you check this, you will only interact with posts that have a minimum of 2 tags you set, you also have to set your media source to ‘Tags’ but we are not doing this right now)
Location – Tag filter: Unchecked (Are we targeting location specific or are we targeting the internet? Turn this on if you want to target location, but you also need to set your media source to location and geo-tagging isn’t happening on every single photo posted so this is a specific type of use)
Username + Tag Filter: Unchecked (Just another way too specific use but can be useful in certain circumstances)

Don’t comment same users: Checked (Don’t look like a spam account)
Comments: I use over 50 different pre-made comments ranging from single emojis to very broad comments that could work in any situation "Awesome!" ect. My niche also allows me to ask certain questions that anyone I am interacting with could answer and it wouldn’t seem too random of me to ask. This allows me to appear real and genuine enough to interact with these users on a deeper level)

Follow source: Followers of Username (I will get to that soon. See: Usernames)
Follow cycle: 2000 (This is my personal preference based off the amount of followers that I have on my account but in any regard keep your ratios looking good guys. A user is more likely to follow you back if they feel special to be 1 of X amount that you follow if you have a lot of followers already. If you follow more than 2K it starts to look messy like you don’t have something already established. Just look professional and you will appear professional. I will talk about looking professional at the end)
Don’t follow same users: Checked (If they didn’t follow me in prior follow sprees, the likely hood appears they wont again in the future. I will eventually uncheck this in a month and hopefully pick up on some of these accounts again and give them a second chance because it is almost a reminder that I’m still out here and active, which could lead to them finally following back)
Don’t follow private users: Checked (Personal preference)


Unfollow source: Instagress (This means that if I manually follow an account, it will not be unfollowed when I start an unfollow spree.
Unfollow cycle: 2000 (That’s the max I follow)
Unfollow who don’t follow me: Checked (Get rid of the dead weight first, the longer you follow someone, the more likely they are going to either forget about you and not unfollow instantly)
Note: You are going to lose followers by unfollowing of course, but you’re just building a network right now. Manually follow anyone that you wouldn’t want to be "hurt" from finding out you unfollowed them.
Once I hit 2000 Follows, I wait a few days then start unfollowing.

Tags: I run anywhere from 30-40 tags (I choose tags that are extremely niche specific but still have 500+ uses or I choose niche related tags that have over 100k uses. This allows me to try and rank high in low use niche specific tags and gives me an opportunity to go viral within a bigger tag. Also the more uses of a tag, the more users you can interact with. You don’t want to run out of content to interact with and have to reset up your automation because it keeps turning off on it’s own)


Locations: Off (Use if you want)

Usernames: I choose 10+ accounts that are niche related but not too big already. (You have to take in account a lot of things here. Now a days everyone has bought followers so the higher amount of followers an account has, you can almost always determine if this account is worth your time or not. I see accounts that have 300K+ followers in my niche but can’t even get more than 1k likes and 100 comments per post. This is what you need to look for and also what you should avoid looking like) Don’t look like a joke, if you build an account and don’t have the interactions to go with your media, you are gonna come off super unprofessional to those who know what the hell they are looking at. Of course a huge portion of people outside of BHW would just look at how many followers you have and assume you are successful or famous, whatever you are going for, but when it comes down to it, are you real? 100% of the time implore my clients to be real, don’t be like these fuck boys out here with thousands of followers who think they are famous or companies that think they are successful all because they have larger than usual number next to their Followers on their profile. If you build something REAL, your business will actually thrive and you will turn profit if that’s what you want)
Also I would like to add that I had the Media Source set to ‘Tags’, but I received about 15% return followers. Once I set it to Followers of Usernames, it increased to about 33% follow-back rate.

Blacklists: Off (Turn on if you want to avoid interacting with certain things for whatever reason)

Auto Stop: Personal preference

More about successful Instagram profile building:

You need to know some background information before running automation. If the account is freshly created, DO NOT run automation on it. You risk hitting IG spam limits and will end up in a world of annoying verification tests and may even lose your account all together. I recommend creating the profile and phone number verifying it. I use Google Voice and use my cellphone number to create a burner number through Google Voice and tell the IG profile to use that burner number. It then sends me a text, I verify, then never use the number again.

I then post a a ton of random niche related photos, anywhere from 10+15 that first day using 30 hashtags related to my niche. 30 tags is the maximum amount of tags you can use, so maximize! Who cares if it looks chunky, your account is new and you will generally be deleting all these posts once you decide to fully launch with a professional look. The idea is to build up an account enough manually for around 3 weeks by posting lots of photos and using those 30 hashtags. I choose 3 weeks before I run automation because it allows it to look like a real account to Instagram. Others may not wait as long, but I have never had any issues with waiting. Make sure to "complete" the profile by filling in the Name and Bio of your profile.

After I have aged the account I buy a few thousand followers. I know I just gave a speech about being real, but this will only help you in the long run and give you a quicker response. I buy around 3K and add it to whatever I grew on my own in the startup weeks. I then start posting my quality images that I am going to keep around and buy some likes to put all the photos over 100+ likes (if you haven’t already achieved this by using hashtags)

To maximize the return on these posts you need to make sure to use 30 tags, post at prime time, and then format your text. Prime time is 4PM Pacific Standard Time, tons of users use this time to run their automation, so this a great time to utilize their automation to hit your content and also hit your followers feed at prime time. If you don’t know how to format you text it is really simple. You know when you see posts that have nice spacing? Go into your Memos App or whatever word pad application you have and format it there with all the spacing and everything, then ‘Select All’ ‘Copy’ then ‘Paste’ into the Instagram app itself and it will retain all the spacing.

A useful tip with using hashtags is to put them on a photo/video for a few days then take them off when you are not seeing any interactions from the tags anymore. Keep them off for about a week or so and then put them back on. I haven’t fully tested the length that you need to have them off, but I do this every so often and it gives all my content another chance to go viral through the tags and gives them more likes and more comments every time.

I will run automation at the Medium speed for a few days and then turn it on High. With this exact technique I have grown several accounts with absolutely no issues what so ever. Instagress can be slower but I cannot argue about it’s safe limiting. I would like to try Massplanner after my purchased time expires with Instagress because I feel I could maybe fine tune it a bit more since I hear they have more advanced settings.

I hope this helps anyone trying to build up their Instagram account and using Instagress as their automation tool. If anyone has any comments, recommendations or corrections I would love to hear some feedback!
Thanks guys!