How to Generate $100 per Day with eBay Dropshipping in Less Than 2 Hours

“Time is What We Want Most, But What We Use Worst!”

“Time is More Valuable Than Money, You Can Always Get More Money, However You Can Never Get Back Your Time.”

Before I proceed with this eBay dropshipping guide, I really want you to truly comprehend the two quotes listed above.

Every single day you wake up out of bed, you should be striving to leverage your time to the best of your ability by automating and outsourcing as much work as you possibly can.

Arduous, time consuming tasks are what truly steal away your growth and inhibit you from enjoying your life to its fullest capacity.

Once you truly come to the realization of how valuable your time is, only then you will be able to exponentially increase your productivity and transcend the quality of your life.

So enough with the rhetoric…..let’s get down to the “nuts and bolts” of this guide.

So let’s take things step-by-step…

STEP 1 – Obtain an eBay account. If you already have one, then please proceed to STEP 2. If not, keep reading…

If you’re fortunate enough to be armed with the knowledge and competence to start your own eBay stealth account, as well as keep it alive, then your 2 steps ahead of the game. Proceed to step 3.

If not, I highly recommend this guide:…alth-Guide.pdf

It’s always updated and works if you follow all detailed instructions inside. No shortcuts!

NOTE: If you have access to $100 – $200, you can purchase an eBay stealth account on BHW or use the resource I give you inside the stealth guide above. The combo packages inside the book contain both eBay/Paypal verified accounts with selling limits up to 1000 items sold per month.

STEP 2 – Obtain a secondary Amazon account. Skip this step if you already have one.

You never want to use your own personal account. Always start a new account with a new name, email, address, IP, and CC info. This is fairly simple if you can obtain a VCC, which are sold all over BHW.

You can also try out,, or any other prepaid CC you can find at your local drugstore.

STEP 3 – Find high profit products to flip on Amazon. You can do this one of two ways.

a) Manual – Spend days worth of time, comparing products from Amazon to the same products selling on eBay for a worthwhile profit ($4 – $20 after fees). This is probably the most painful and time consuming process of the retail arbitrage system.

Use this calculator for all product comparisons. It’s one of the faster calculators available online:

Create an excel spreadsheet of the products you find that meet the minimum profit margin of over $4+ and list them once you obtain 10-20 products.

b) Automated – Utilize Profit Spy to automatically fetch 100s of products to flip on eBay with 10-50% profit margins.

This should take less than 1 hour and uncover well over 150 products, within an hour, that you can resell at any given time.

If you value your time, the choice is obvious. If you’re ok with making $3 per hour, choose the manual route.

STEP 4 – List your Ebay items and start building up your account reputation slowly. Skip this step if you already have an established eBay account.

Start selling low dollar, low risk items to build up the reputation of your account and follow ALL guidelines and safety precautions outlined in the Stealth eBook I gave you above.

If you already have an aged account with feedback and high selling limits, then you’re more than welcome to sell more high risk items.

STEP 5- Dropship product from your Amazon account. Once your eBay item sells, order the product from your Amazon account utilizing Amazon Prime (will need a VCC to verify) or wait till you accumulate over $35 in products and take advantage of their free shipping.

NOTE: I highly recommend you utilize Amazon Prime. Not only is it faster (2 day shipping), but will allow you to quickly build up positive feedback on your new eBay accounts.

There is absolutely no easier way to build up tons of quality feedback than 2 day shipping and great customer support.

TIP: Make sure that all amazon products shipped are marked as a “gift”. You will see this option inside your shopping cart upon checkout. This will ensure that an invoice is not sent within the shipped package.

STEP 6 – Wait for shipping notifications. Keep an eye out on your Amazon email for shipping notifications and notate tracking information on your eBay sellers dashboard once you receive tracking confirmation. NOTE: This is very important if you want Paypal to release your funds in a few days, as opposed to 21 days without it.

STEP 7 – Keep track all of your items sold with excel. Note the title, price sold, price purchased, profit margin, tracking info, notes section, and ebay/paypal fees if you feel the need.

You can download my Product Management Spreadsheet here:…heet.xlsx?dl=0

Step 8 – Keep your eBay item prices up-to-date with your Amazon dropshipper. This is a VERY important step and should not be skipped. Amazon prices fluctuate all the time and if you don’t update your eBay prices accordingly, you will be left with a no profit or even worse, negative ROI.

There are 3 ways of keeping your inventory updated:

a) Manual – copy and paste all Amazon urls and prices into excel and check them daily for price fluctuations. This can get daunting after you have an inventory of over 20 products.

b) Semi-automatic – If you have a Profit Spy account (Detective/Secret Spy plan only) you can monitor all Amazon prices by simply clicking on the Amazon Updates button.
This will show you a color coded list of your fetched Amazon product prices and display which ones have gone up, down, or stayed the same.

Feature video located here:

c) Price Yak – this fully automated system updates your eBay listings automatically, every hour, day, or whatever time interval you decide to choose.
They will also take care of auto ordering your Amazon products. I would only use this if your profit margin for that particular item is fairly high as it costs $1 per item (if your profit margin is above $5, I would recommend using it)

Lastly, Price Yak will fetch the Amazon listing and post it onto your eBay account.

NOTE: I highly recommend changing up your title and use highly quality images if the ones supplied by Amazon are subpar.

That’s it! Wash, rinse, and repeat!

Choose which process works better for you. The manual way or the automated way.
Only you can decide how much your time is worth and dictate the hourly wage you would like to be paid.


1. Will buyers get mad when they see an Amazon box or the invoice?
The answer is a resounding no! First off, Amazon doesn’t always ship in clearly marked Amazon boxes anymore. This is a thing of the past.

Secondly, if customers do ever ask you why their item was shipped inside an Amazon box, you can simply tell them that you utilize Amazon FBA (their fulfillment center) for all your wholesale packaging and shipping needs. I think I might have been asked this 3-4 times within my 3 year history of dropshipping on eBay.

As stated in Step 3, you want to make sure you mark thte item as a “gift” before final payment. This option is made available inside checkout.

2. Won’t Amazon shut my account down when they see I am shipping from different addresses?
Not if you setup NEW Amazon accounts like I instructed in Step 2. The only accounts I have ever had suspended due to utilizing Amazon Prime for various shipments were ones where I actually paid for the Amazon account and not when utilizing their trial.

I have also received the exact same feedback from other sellers I know.

3. Can I really make $100 a day with eBay dropshipping (arbitrage)?

Not only can you make $100 a day, but you can make six figures a year doing JUST THIS! Obviously you will need to have multiple eBay stealth accounts open with high selling limits, but if you play the game smart (follow guidelines outlined in my eBay stealth guide), that won’t be a problem.

You’re also going to need to automate 90% of your dropshipping business using the tools I mentioned above (or hire a lot of VAs which will cost you more in the long run).

You can also completely automate 100% of the process if you decide to hire VAs to fulfill your eBay customer support tickets.

I’ve done this successfully as well. Be careful about who you hire and only hire those who are native English speakers. Do not take shortcuts here!

Again, it’s all about implementing the steps I outlined for you here and >> SCALING!!! <<

Retail arbitrage is one of the most lucrative businesses I have been apart of and helped me start a number of ecommerce sites along with my own products and services. If it wasn’t for this fail-safe model, I would most likely still be in the trenches.

One of the most attractive aspects of dropshipping is that you can make a lot of “on demand money” which instantly gets deposited into your Paypal accounts without having to wait months for commissions to arrive or SEO traffic to show up.

Follow the 8 steps I outlined for you above and I promise you’ll be just fine. Never give up, leverage your time, and use automated systems and VAs to ensure you run a well tuned dropshipping machine!

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