[G2A] Sell games, earn money easy (for real). STEP by STEP

Heey there, my name is WazWaz Man. Today i will explain to you what is G2A Goldmine, how to earn money from it, secrets and ways to earn even more and some useful pro tips!

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1. What is G2A Goldmine?
I can simply copy&pasta things, but i will try to keep it at a minimum over this thread, so truth only.

G2A itself, outside of the Goldmine is a marketplace where you go and buy keys for various games or software.
But, if you got a game that you don’t like or one extra copy you can also go and act as a vendor there and sell your keys into the marketplace to other people.
Why there are cheap games, so cheap!?
Stop for a second and think, if you buy 10.000 keys, the price for each key will be the same as for if you buy a single key ? Well, the answer to that is no, of course! They buy it in bulk, they sell it cheaper, got your answer!

I’ve encountered a lot of people that we’re just &quot;scam, fake!&quot;, well, that’s not true, if you’re one of those please take 7 minutes and 21 seconds and just watch this video, it will explain you what exactly is G2A Marketplace. :notsure:

Now let’s focus on the actual G2A Goldmine that we’re talking about here, this is an Affiliate Program which somehow means, in this context that you’ll have to bring customers to buy from this marketplace, simple no?

The most awesome part about this is here, they use cookies, yes browser cookies!
How does this ‘cookie’ thingy really works? Let me give you a short example:

I’m a random user from the internet, i saw a dude that wrote this &quot;Heey, buy Diablo 3 now at a lower price: https://www.g2a.com/r/diablo-3-best-pricee &quot; and i was, yeaaa! I will go and buy it now.
But, i got there, mmh, i see a lot of games that i want, those are at a good price mmh what should i do, think … I will turn off my pc, go and get a coffee and then come back (remember, just an example).

After that time, when i will open my pc, i will still have that cookie in my browser, it will be there, for almost 2 years or until i clear my entire browser cookies!
What’s so awesome about it? If i will ever buy something from G2A while i have that cookie, you will receive some money from my purchase because that’s how the goldmine works.

Until now we know what exactly is G2A Goldmine, how cookies work and a small view about from where you receive the cash. Let’s continue:

From where do you get money?
If you already have a G2A Goldmine account, you can search the G2A Marketplace for a game, let’s say for example GTA V which is one of the Most Wanted games lately.
You go on it’s page and you have this:
Spoiler (Click to View)

We have more things than we really need there, like a list of vendors ( marketplace sellers ), the price, the languages, region, platform, videos, descriptions and so on.

I want you to focus on the &quot;Earn $1,26 if somebody buys this product using your Goldmine reflink.&quot;

Bam! From there comes all the money that you and i will earn from G2A! How exactly ….
Well, yea! Since it’s an affiliate program you’re a person that’s bringing more customers to G2A, they sell more games, u earn more money!

2. How to earn money from G2A Goldmine ?

Well this is simple, so simple and easy!
At first, when you will create your G2A Goldmine account, you will first see this:
[Image: EPYGHdY.png]
Of course that there will be your reflink https://www.g2a.com/r/ [ your user here ]

What can you do with that Reflink ? Well, that’s one of the things that will bring you money into the G2A Goldmine.
Take it, copy it or remember it and start giving it to people, friends, gamers etc.
Why? Well we’re already learned that for anyone that buys a game using our reflink ( of if it has the cookie already set ) you will earn cash!
Ooh, i forgot to tell you, this is not a &quot;hoho get me millions and u gonna get 0.001$&quot;, fk yea!
Take a look at how much i usually get per sold game, sometimes more or less.

Spoiler (Click to View)

Ok, so, start sharing the G2A marketplace ( your Reflink ) and earn, earn, earn!
Black Hat
Also, the MOST important things about doing this!!!
1. Be friendly.
2. Be helpful.
3. Don’t be rude.
4. Don’t ignore the ones will question you, give them the information that they need.

3. Secrets, earn even more from G2A Goldmine

The most important thing for me is the Tools -> Reflinks option that lets you create more reflinks for yourself.

I will show you a short example of how this works and how it will increase your earnings A LOT !
Ok, so, let’s go on Tools-> and click on ‘+Add more’,
Let’s explain it item by item, but let’s first set a goal, we want to … create a reflink for a popular game, let’s choose Diablo 3, now let’s start with the explanation.

Here you will need to name your refferal link, it will look like www.g2a.com/r/ [ your name here]
I usually use things like &quot;best deal&quot;, &quot;diablo 3 best price&quot;, &quot;diablo 3 discounts&quot;.

Here you can link your reflink to: 1. A Game, 2. A category.
I’m using the ‘Link to a game’ option since it’s far more targeted.
Let’s click on ‘Link to a game’ now,

In the search box write ‘Diablo 3’ (or anything you want, this is just an example) which will get you more results. Choose the one you wish, there are small different things about them (price, region, platform).

And, after everything is done, correct and precise press Create, now you should have your reflink:

Remember: Your reflink will be www.g2a.com/r/

Note: Why is it awesome and what’s the secret here?

Well, you can create a link for each game on the marketplace and then easily target buyers, wuuuuuut? Example: Let’s say that you’re into a Facebook Group addicted to Left 4 Dead, you will create a ref link that leads to Left 4 Dead 2 and share it with them! That’s the meaning of targeted, so, you’re not just redirecting them to G2A, you’re redirecting them to exactly what they need.

Social advertising is one of the best ways to advertise nowadays as we all know, where do you find lots of people? On Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Forums etc.

One of the things i use is Facebook Group advertising, i’m trying to target the people that may be interested into buying games from G2A not just spamming the ones that got nothing in common with games and/or G2A.
So, try to remember the games you’ve played or the ones you really love and start making some friends on Facebook, join groups, be active daily! Try to be friendly and helpful with everyone, don’t be rude because it will drag you down.

I’m using Twitter too, remember that twitter is based on hashtags, yea! I don’t have a page with a big number of followers so that’s why i’m doing some research on google from time to time for ‘most popular hashtags’ and for each Tweet i post about 10 hashtags from the most popular ones which will bring some traffic to my refling (G2A account).
The same works for Twitter, the most active and friendly you are the most you will get out of G2A from Twitter.

Of course, there are more Social Networks out there, use them! Explore them and find ways to expand yourself! This was just a short into for you, if you will start looking into this and do it you will get ideas, more awesome ideas to advertise yourself! Also remember that Google is your best friend! Research, read, learn, test if you put some time into this it can bring you some really big earnings There are forums, blogs, niches, youtube and so on, infinite ways to do this, just try to be creative!

4. PRO tips

Here we gonna talk about the small secrets that i found out by myself over time.

A big awesome thing about the G2A marketplace is the &quot;TEAM&quot; system that they use
So, practically if you invite someone into buying things from G2A and if they decide to join the Goldmine, they will enter in your team under you.
This goes on 3 levels under you, so if the one invited by you, invites another one, that one will be under you on level 2. Same for the next level 3.

How much do you earn from these people in your Team?

So, that’s quite …. simple and nothing awesome, really, NO! It’s purely awesome because if you can team up with the members into your team, YEA!
Talk to them, use something like Skype, Email, Facebook or any other way from where you can directly talk with them.
Teach them your secrets, let them expand, show them that this G2A Goldmine is indeed a Goldmine for the ones who are ready to put few hours per day into this, into a bit of research and so on.

If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask, i will answer each one of your question. Be them positive of negative.

I’m usually online on Skype since i’m mostly working Online, so if you want to team up and earn some money together you can add me on SKYPE: dan120201 so we can start working together. I’m already doing this with some friends, we’re friendly and helpful! See ya 😛