Community Alert! got scammed by a imposer Walt Disney

please take the time to read

i wanted to buy a dunkin donuts config and this scammer messages me saying he can do it…i started with $2 then went $3 then $4 and then he wanted $5…so he was trying to suck money from me!

USERS – waltdisneyhf

To much to take pics of and put them im sorry .

[2:28:49 PM] Wal DHF: Hello, you kind of caught me off gaurd, since this is an old thread. However I am willing to do this for you.
[2:28:52 PM] *** Wal DHF would like to add you on Skype

Hi CEO, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
[2:28:58 PM] *** CEO has shared contact details with Wal DHF. ***
[2:29:02 PM] CEO: ?
[2:29:06 PM] CEO: hello.
[2:29:13 PM] Wal DHF: Hello
[2:29:21 PM] CEO: so?
[2:29:33 PM] Wal DHF: I can do this for you.
[2:29:39 PM] CEO: do what
[2:29:46 PM | Edited 2:29:59 PM] Wal DHF: The SentryMBA
[2:29:50 PM] CEO: config
[2:29:51 PM] Wal DHF: config
[2:29:57 PM] CEO: free or?
[2:30:04 PM] Wal DHF: You said you were willing to pay
[2:30:25 PM] CEO: ok I need dunkin donuts capture with proxys cuz im ban without proxys
[2:30:36 PM] Wal DHF: I can set this up.
[2:30:43 PM] CEO: thanks.
[2:30:44 PM] Wal DHF: However since you are brand new, I will not go first.
[2:30:51 PM] Wal DHF: How much are you thinking about
[2:30:52 PM] CEO: that's fine
[2:31:07 PM] CEO: $2 btc
[2:31:13 PM] Wal DHF: only 2$?
[2:31:26 PM] CEO: yea dude lol you do it for people free come on lol
[2:31:35 PM] Wal DHF: If you check the date on that thread
[2:31:39 PM] Wal DHF: that was 5 months ago
[2:31:42 PM] Wal DHF: I dont do it for free anymore
[2:31:44 PM] CEO: ok ill do 3
[2:31:56 PM] Wal DHF: Could you do 5$? That seems fair to me
[2:32:47 PM] CEO: 4 last ofer dude
[2:32:58 PM] Wal DHF: I'll do it since its good practice.
[2:33:02 PM] Wal DHF: Let me send you my wallet.
[2:33:08 PM] CEO: ok
[2:33:29 PM] Wal DHF: I will also wait for 1 confirmation if you do not mind
[2:33:32 PM] Wal DHF: just to be safe
[2:33:47 PM] CEO: dude its btc lol if its sent its sent
[2:33:57 PM] Wal DHF: Ill start right away, but I wont send it until 1 confirmation
[2:34:03 PM] Wal DHF: There is something called double payments
[2:34:10 PM] Wal DHF: 17ESdVHMnBFNnp7mmp9JGjX7TxF7h9SLhq
[2:34:17 PM] Wal DHF: Let me know when sent
[2:34:21 PM] Wal DHF: please send transaction ID
[2:34:25 PM] CEO: ok
[2:34:44 PM] CEO: You've successfully sent 0.00804 BTC (worth $4.00 USD) to 17ESdVHMnBFNnp7mmp9JGjX7TxF7h9SLhq
[2:34:52 PM] Wal DHF: and TID?
[2:35:11 PM] CEO: go check your btc lol
[2:35:18 PM] Wal DHF: lol
[2:35:19 PM] CEO: I don't know where to get that
[2:35:30 PM] Wal DHF: its the transaction link
[2:35:48 PM] CEO: 5749e4bded984300e3000306
[2:36:21 PM] Wal DHF: 1 Second please,
[2:36:43 PM] CEO: ok
[2:37:42 PM] Wal DHF: Alrighty Ill contact you ASAP.
[2:37:48 PM] CEO: ii
[2:37:54 PM] CEO: also where do you get your proxys
[2:38:05 PM] Wal DHF: I sell proxies
[2:38:16 PM] Wal DHF: I can sell you 20k checked proxies if you wish
[2:38:21 PM] CEO: how much
[2:38:32 PM] CEO: I got a guy that wants  to do it but how much anyways
[2:38:36 PM] Wal DHF: How much were you thinking?
[2:38:53 PM] CEO: hes giving 1k for 10 cents
[2:39:08 PM] Wal DHF: Are those 100% checked because I doubt those are checked
[2:39:17 PM] CEO: how much you thinking
[2:39:31 PM | Removed 2:39:46 PM] CEO: This message has been removed.
[2:39:40 PM] CEO: wasent for you lol
[2:39:44 PM] Wal DHF: Lol
[2:39:52 PM] Wal DHF: I can sell you 20k proxies that I will make sure work on DD
[2:39:55 PM] Wal DHF: for 10$
[2:40:03 PM] CEO: ahhh nah to much
[2:40:13 PM] Wal DHF: Whats the best you can honestly do
[2:40:26 PM] Wal DHF: I hate to charge alot for new members :)
[2:41:08 PM] CEO: not worth it really . ill use free my friend can now get them free from his buddy thanks for the offer.
[2:41:18 PM] Wal DHF: Okay
[2:41:27 PM] CEO: thanks though
[2:41:33 PM] Wal DHF: If you are interested in a netflix config AND combolist hit me up
[2:41:43 PM] Wal DHF: I just cracked about 300 accounts from it
[2:41:54 PM] Wal DHF: And Ill start working on the DD
[2:42:03 PM] CEO: im good I have like 1000 Netflix haha
[2:42:10 PM] Wal DHF: Haha alright.
[2:42:20 PM] Wal DHF: Would that be all for your order? lol
[2:42:27 PM] CEO: yes lmfao
[2:42:39 PM] Wal DHF: Ill get back to you soon.
[2:42:53 PM] CEO: how long
[2:42:55 PM] Wal DHF: However I have to remove your contact, to prevent IP fetching. Im still here though dont worry
[2:42:59 PM] Wal DHF: 30 mins
[2:43:13 PM] CEO: nah I don't ip feth stay
[2:43:19 PM] Wal DHF: Im sitll here.
[2:43:36 PM] CEO: you know what do what you got to... im not worried
[2:43:53 PM] Wal DHF: Alrighty man.
[2:47:31 PM] CEO: Skype fixed ip fetching.
[3:23:54 PM] CEO: ok that was 30 minutes
[3:31:06 PM] *** CEO would like to add you on Skype

Hi Wal DHF, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
[3:31:24 PM] *** Call to Wal DHF, no answer.
Send video message ***
[3:33:38 PM | Edited 3:33:54 PM] CEO: yo
[3:34:02 PM] CEO: more then 30 mintues like you claimed
[3:36:11 PM] CEO: ill give you more time
[3:55:18 PM] Wal DHF: Hello
[3:55:33 PM] CEO: hey
[3:55:45 PM] Wal DHF: I am filing a report. You sent it to the wrong address.
[3:56:06 PM] Wal DHF: Have fun being banned. Funny enough I used to be a staff member, you are done in no time.
[3:56:12 PM] CEO: that's the address you gave me not my problem
[3:56:24 PM] CEO: im going to scam report you im not dumb kid
[3:56:46 PM] Wal DHF: I have thousands in rep, I was mod just recently who is going to believe you
[3:57:00 PM] Wal DHF: You are done, you can say your goodbyes to HF
[3:57:34 PM] Wal DHF: Have fun being banned unless you pay me 20$
[3:57:41 PM] Wal DHF: To my actualy wallet
[4:00:18 PM] Wal DHF: Hekki
[4:00:22 PM] Wal DHF: Hello
[4:00:34 PM] CEO: whats your user on hf
[4:00:39 PM] Wal DHF: WaltDisney
[4:01:01 PM] Wal DHF: Actually its Walt Disney(tm)
[4:01:35 PM] Wal DHF: have fun scam reporting me
[4:01:46 PM] Wal DHF: I was a mod very recentley
[4:02:24 PM] CEO: dude I know who you are lmfaoo
[4:02:32 PM] Wal DHF: And that is?
[4:03:06 PM | Edited 4:03:21 PM] Wal DHF: WOW! You know I am a mod?
[4:03:26 PM] CEO: dude im not fuckin dumb fagget just wait
[4:03:34 PM] Wal DHF: Who Am I then
[4:03:35 PM | Removed 4:03:53 PM] CEO: This message has been removed.
[4:03:49 PM] Wal DHF: Wow congrats, you can read
[4:06:27 PM] CEO: nice job scammer hahah