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I just joined this forum . I am from digital marketing field and found interesting and helpful post here during my search.

Thanks for making me a part of such a wonderful forum .

This is how I made $5k each month for 6 months

Hi there, I want to say that making money is easy but also not easy if you know nothing about online affiliate. I have my own website in which I promote tech gadgets like smartphone, digital camera, action camera and lot more related. One day I came across to a which is an online ecommerce of electronic goods and the representative agreed to pay me per article on any product review I make!

So the per article was $10 and I keep it per day 1-2 articles and thus this doesn’t end here!

This is how I made $5k each month for 6 months

A site similar to 9GAG

So I made a site that’s pretty similar to 9gag but posts more niche content that isn’t already extremely popular (dank). How do I drive traffic and get users for my site?

Obviously I don’t expect a step by step guide, but if someone could point me in a general direction.

What steps should I do know to get more views ?


Yesterday uploaded my new video on youtube, right now still 0 views, so my question what should i do know to rank my video higher or to start getting views/attention from audience?

Should i buy some views to make video more engaging for people o…

Introducing myself on BHW

Hi, This is my first post

I am new on BHW, recommended by one of my friend who is here from 2012.

He suggests me to create an account So, here i am.

I am am from Delhi, India.

Hope everything is introduced Looking for peoples to welcome me

How long before PBN links work?

I purchased 10 links from one of the better sellers on here and wondered how long before I should see a result from these. The links are 12 dollars each.

I have waited 8 weeks and no result or change in the serps has happened.

The seller says it tak…

Started to make first AI IG bot with telemetry – what do you think?

It can take few months for beta, but started to make first bot for Instagram with AI/big data and telemetry + multiplatform to work on any system (linux, windows, mac os).

As you know, IG is using big data to check standard user behavior and bot behavior. I think that we don’t need hundred of millions users to do the same. I wonder why current bots haven’t this possibility.
For example if some MassPlanner or other bot have 1k buyers or more, why they don’t check the behavior of 10k random…

Started to make first AI IG bot with telemetry – what do you think?

[Journey] Grow 4 blog to earn 50$/day with Adsense

Hello. I’ve been watching journey on this forum for almost two years now and I got to say thank you to all the amazing people on the forum who has been giving out valuable information that helped me learn everything about making money online. A little bit about myself. I’m 21 years old, collage drop-off , currently living in my mom’s basement(fuck my life). I got a shitty job in a local restaurant which brings me a small income of 200$ a month. I first heard about MMO 4 years ago and I’ve…

[Journey] Grow 4 blog to earn 50$/day with Adsense