what is the Tube Site Script

Hey guys,

I am planning to start a tube site with self hosted videos and I found some scripts for it.

AVS Adult Video Script

which one is best or if you have any other recommendations please share.
dirtyxtube is online now Report Post

Social Droid – Market Research – Will you buy it if BST?

I am thinking about my new BST and one of ideas is to make preconfigured Android for virtualbox/vmware.

-device ID
-device name
-imei/advertising ID
-other device identifiers

-facebook, instagram, youtube, gmail and other social apps
-special webview browser with no fingerprinting (coded by me), useragent possibility to change
-xposed framework
-xposed apps to keep your privacy and make your device unique for social networks

What’s the purpose?
-making your…

Social Droid – Market Research – Will you buy it if BST?

Recommendation for a Tier 2 link builder?

I have my money site. I use AutoFill Magic to create web 2.0s for my Tier 1 links that point to it.

I have been using SEO Store Panel to make article and wiki links for my Tier 2 links but I don’t think that is good enough.
(I also use my AFM links to build web 2.0 links for my important Tier 1 links, so for links going to pages I hope to make money with they will have the articles/wikis and web 2.0s for Tier 2)

What do people usually use for Tier 2 overall. Are contextual article and wiki…

Recommendation for a Tier 2 link builder?

Let’s do this!

Newbie here.

Just another guy who is taking control of his life and going for a great success story. Let’s do this!

Tired of working for crappy clients and dealing with all the BS. It’s time to start new, build something amazing, and retire early. Exploring blackhat and whitehat options for setting up multiple drop shipping stores.

Been browsing the forums and it’s exciting to see so many knowledgeable experts here. Hope to learn a lot.


Hey Guys and Girls:)

I am sure we all are looking for leads….to this end I have been researching options. I just purchased power leads pro a week and a half ago problem is that I’m not overly thrilled with their follow through. I paid for complete setup and to date it has not happened so I am second guessing my decision. That’s another story.

What I want to know is does anyone known and can you point me in the direction of a powerful lead generating software that can pull from…