[NEED HELP] Autopilot Methods

First of all, sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker.

(I’m working with IM since 2014. The difficulty: My only way to work is in periods, just in vacations)
After a lot of effort in order to make some money, my vacation is about to end. I’m a 16 teenager doing high school’s second year, I have classes like all day long (07:30AM – 16:00PM), my school have a system which requires us to do 3 tests per week, so when I’m not at school, I’m studying for those tests or doing…

[NEED HELP] Autopilot Methods

Help if possible!!

Hello i’m new here … i hope if possibly someone can give me a way oh how to affiliate / traffic for ClickBank … i’m broke and i need a way to make cash so please if there’s anything shoot .
thank you

is this domain good for pbn

Can you tell me is this domain good for pbn?
where can i sell this domain and at what price?

Extension: .hr (croatia-european union)
keyword tool 450 000 global monthly searches
high quality backlink from Croatian web pages
DA 33 PA 44

TF 25 CF 31

52K Account – Need growth advice

Acquired an account at 35K followers.

Naturally it was gaining 300-500 new followers a day just from normal posting.

Once I hit 50K ( and new instagram algorithm kicked in ) my growth as dramatically decreased down to average 30-100 followers per day. Same posting schedule / same content.

I follow 0 accounts and never used a bot to gain followers. Now that I’m hitting a road block should I bot the account?

My engagement per photo is about 2000-8000 likes per photo. I have some videos…

52K Account – Need growth advice

Any tool to schedule Facebook group posts?

I wanted to post to see if anyone knew a tool which posts to selected Facebook groups so that i can cram in as many groups as possible i have always had success posting to groups but with a scheduler i could get in an extra 30-40 groups or more….