Fucking faggot FB just disabled my account!

I made a fake account and game hack fanpage (it doesn’t contain ‘hack’ or ‘generator’ but it might be flagged), also phone verified to use their developer plugin. I was able to get to their plugin main page but after some time, they locked my account and wanted me to upload a my face. So I chose and cropped a fake but UNIQUE photo which i’m sure wasn’t indexed by Google or FB database to feed their pig. And they fucking disabled my account!

Do you have any idea why i got disabled? Too…

Fucking faggot FB just disabled my account!

[ Tutorial ] Getting bitcoin from CoinURL

Hi everyone.
I am performing a project and inviting you to earn BTCs with me.
It likes Ad.fly to shorten your link and post everywhere.
Make people be interested your links and clicking them.
You will earn morn BTCs.

Registering the CoinURL is very ea…

How’s your IG follow back %

So I’ve been running IZ since my FL limits nosedived in August. When you run IZ they give you a follow back ratio per account that you scrap, then an average for all accounts. I have around 225 accounts that I’m going to scrap in the long term. Anyways, just wanted to know what a good follow back average would be? I’m sitting around 9% overall, just wanted o see how everyone else is doing.

PPC Website

Hello guys! I need any wwebsite who Pay Per Click Ads or anything like this to earn about 2-3$ in day. Not a good high ammount but i really need fast cash.
Tell me any website who pay good and offer me to withdraw money with paypal. Thanks

Keyword Research – What do you think?

Hey guys.

I’m pretty new to SEO and just did my first keyword research for a blog, and came up with the following. I’m gonna monetize with google adsense. Would love to hear what you guys think? Thank you very much

Main keyword –

Monthly searches – 10,000

Competition – Low

CPC – $12.28

Longtail Keywords –

Monthly searches – 1,000

Competition – Low

CPC – $22.37

1st page Competitors-

Pa-19 , Da-50 and Backlinks-02

Pa-1 . Da-38 and Backlinks – 00

Pa-1 , Da- 43 and…

Keyword Research – What do you think?