Hello BHW Members

I’m Richez from Nigeria. Really want to make a lot of money and learn a lot on internet hacking, computers and online biz. I believe I’m in the solution ground

[Giveaway] Bing Ads Coupon

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My 1st giveaway here in BHW
I know its not that much but atleast I am giving it for free.
Just comment your number from 1 – 100
I will use www.random.org to choose who will be the winner.

Does Niche matter in Expired Domain?

Do I buy any expired domains with good backlinks or just the ones that is related to my niche?

If I have a finance website and found a fashion blog with good backlink, should i purchase it and 301 redirect?

Or will I get penalize because fashion isn’t related to my content of my finance website?

From 4M to 30M visitors in 5 months – all SEO?


Came across this website called thespruce (dot com).

Looking at similarwebs stats, it went steadily but quickly from 4M to almost 30M monthly visitors in just 5 months.
80% search traffic?

I dunno how long they’ve been around but I only see 4 people on their team.
Their articles seem pretty uniquely written.
They must be churning out tons of articles and using some SEO tools to target easy to rank keywords?
But even so it seems kind of impossible?

Any idea how they did it?

Is this legal? I lost one of my sites and someone is using my articles.

One of my first successful sites I’ve had with SEO so far is lost to me know. I couldn’t pay for my domain and then it went into the “restore” stage. Even with whole-selling domains, they wanted $65 to restore it. I’ve had this happen before and once that period ended I was able to restore my domain at a standard rate. This time when the time passed and I went to buy it again it said it was unavailable and when I checked the WhoIs data it said it wasn’t with a registrar at al!

Anyway, I…

Is this legal? I lost one of my sites and someone is using my articles.

How much is this worth?

How much each of these domain names is worth (alybaba.cn), (tenyouxi.com), (gi89.cn), (igamble.de)(porncigar.com)?
And where can I find the best buyer for this DN? I tried SEDO and other auction and DN for sale listing, but never got any result at all.

Need a guest post on Tech.co

As said by the title, I need a guest post on Tech.co, link to homepage with anchor brand name. Price to be discussed. PM me anyone with account there and please show a sample.


Facebook Click Arbitrage Tool

Hello all,

I have developed a tool to facilitate Facebook Arbitrage. For those not familiar this is the process of advertising an article on Facebook for a low CPC and then monetising the same article to make a profit.

Example. Sponsor the article fo…