[ GET ] Download any facebook video

Hey guys,

Just sharing a tool I made. Download any facebook video in available qualities anytime.

Bookmark it if you find it useful. ( Not sure if its ok to share the link here, moderator please remove the link if you feel its no right )

Tool – htt…

[GET] Lumen5 Pro Free for a Year – Worth Almost $500

Thought I’d share – Lumen5 is an awesome video creation tool that turns text into videos.

You can get a free year of the Pro plan (worth about $500) at AppSumo right now:


Would act quickly as they will probably run out of codes pretty fast. Hope it helps a few of you!

Noob from a shithole country

Hi guys.

After studying the AWAI book for copywriters, I took the plunge and wrote my first article on iwriter. That was auto-approved after 72 hours. I wrote the next five and all were approved with 5 stars bar one(4 stars). I was really starting to feel good about myself. Then came the descent. The next two were rejected. Here’s the latest to be rejected. What do you guys see that’s wrong? I’d like to listen to your feedback

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, a…

Noob from a shithole country

question to British people

The issue and problem is with renting an apartment.

As far as i know and read from google, they want to run credit checks, but as a foreigner from EU you dont have any local bank accounts (as you can create one when you have proof of address which im …