Politics & Facebook

Hi there,
So I went ahead and made the leap into implementing something that another user had shared as a method. Let me tell you. It freaking worked. It worked so well, that I am still spinning my head in wonder.

Many of you may not be political but in case you are wondering, this is the time you need to get in on this. Especially with everything that’s going on.

I had my site up, spent around 300.00 in advertisement & getting my page off. I am currently working on getting my website up…

Politics & Facebook

Landing pages

Does anyone have any examples of what landing pages should look like in regards to design and content.

I serve many cities/towns and looking for a good idea on how to begin.

it’s in regards to a cleaning service if that helps.


How does Teespring work?

Just wondering if there’s anyone here that knows how it works, and could it explain it to me.

Do I have to buy the merchandise upfront? Or is it just like… I choose the designs, then it goes on their site, and then I send people there to buy, and they deal with everything?

My software + your traffic to make fast cash

I have make many big and small software, but no time to manage a big launch.

if you have targeted traffic for seo niche, we can make some fast cash together.

some of my product:

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