Local client, AdWords out performing Bing by a ton

I’m kinda stumped here. I created separate ads and keywords for each service. That didn’t work so I imported the AdWords account into bing.

But last month AdWords brought in 16 new patients with a spend of around 1500. Bing only brought in 3 with a 700 spend.

Is bing that bad? I was always under the impression bing users were older and would fit my clients customer base.

They’re a dental office.

Anyone have similar issue? How did you fix itm

Adwords banned

Hello friends.

I used promotional adwords cupons for a long time and my accounts were suspended. I need to create a unique ad account to re-advertise (I no longer want to use coupons).

Could you help me? I have tried in many ways to maintain a new …

Yet another “not feeling motivated” thread

What the hell is wrong with me? When I wake up in the morning, I have nothing to look forward to.

This is not your typical “SEO is so hard, I can’t do it” thread

It’s not that I can’t make money, it’s just that I don’t want to even try. It scares me to admit this but I don’t want to. Because I have been disappointed way too many times. I think being rich is overrated, just like everything else that I found overrated as soon as I got it.

I will give you an example. When I was in high…

Yet another “not feeling motivated” thread

Engagement Tips, Hacks?

Anyone got any Engagement hacks to share for youtube to get people to comment, or like more often?

I already am getting views but feels like getting people to comment is like pulling teeth
Dont think couple of comments per thousand views is alot……

Instagram calling out bot users/spammers on the app

Hello guys,

Making this thread because I’ve never seem this discussed before but I have already come across this message twice, I’m attaching a screenshot from it and I removed the private and sensitive information from it.

So I’ve noticed this message already twice once I check the account of someone who does massive followings (MP, FollowLike, etc) I first saw this message a couple of weeks ago also on the profile of an account that clearly was using a bot to follow and unfollow.


Instagram calling out bot users/spammers on the app

Looking for a specific thread: Pic Set 01-05 (Female Profile Pictures Sets) HELP PLEASE

Hey BHW,

so I somehow “lost” some of the images I used for creating fake profiles.
There was one thread on here which had about five pic sets in total in it.
The folders were named as follows:

Pic Set 01
Pic Set 02
Pic Set 03

Files within the folders were named as follows:

set 01
set 01 (1)
set 01 (2)

I downloaded them in march, however I am pretty sure the thread is older than that.

I still have Pic Set 02 and 03 on my computer:
set 02 (53): http://imgur.com/a/0UUDr

Looking for a specific thread: Pic Set 01-05 (Female Profile Pictures Sets) HELP PLEASE