Cheap and good tool to check keyword difficulty for SEO purpose?


I would like to find a great and not really expensive (FREE tools are welcomed) tool to check how difficult are keyword for SEO purpose. Can you recommend some tool?

It can be desktop or cloud based tool, it should have statistic from Google Keyword Planner (CPC … etc.) and information about SEO keyword difficulty.

I would like to have import/export option too, it would be great to have some basic option for make SEO audit the website.

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Search Virtual Piano Version 4 and Chord Finder

Hello Everyone,

i am new here and looking for something special i use the google search but find nothing what could be interested so i hope i found someone here where can upload Virtual Piano Version 4 + Chord Finder from the Link below…

Need SEO for my site

I need seo for my website ..or if anyone can provide me high da/pa backlinks in cheap price thats also fine.. i prefer da/pa 80++ thank you

My introduction

Hello, my name is Tho.

I introduce myself to you all BHW members.

I’m a software engineer in Japan now. Nice to meet you guys. Hope i’ll find out a lot of helpful information in BHW.

Anyways, I’m just introducing myself to the community. Have a nice day

Adwords Usage = Google Juice Correlation?

Wanted to see if anyone else has noticed that by having history in Adwords, Google will actually give your site(s) more merit for where it ranks after the campaign ends. Tried this twice now with some random niche based sites and the overall SERP ranki…