How to check which FB ads converted


I do actually some FB ad testing and use WC and PPE ads.

I can’t actually tell which ads did bring me a sale.

Of couse if my WC ad would do a conversation I would know it but how can I check which of my PPE ad converted?

I see of course which of my PPE ad get more interactions but I can’t tell if PPE1 get more interactions but 0 sales and PPE2 get less interactions but 5 sales?`

Is there a way how I can check this?

(Extra questions)
Would you recommend WC or PPE more? Actually…

How to check which FB ads converted

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Ways around PayPal withdrawal fee

Recently started dropshipping from AliExpress. After receiving my first payment I realized that PayPal will charge me 5$ for each withdrawal. I somehow need to place my customers’ orders on AliExpress and generally Ali doesn’t accept PayPal payments. My last resort would be to contact the suppliers and reach an agreement with them to accept PayPal (this can be problematic) but I’m looking for other solutions. Does anyone have any experience with this?

how to your name google 1st page

Figuring out how to get on the first page of Google may feel like a complex and overwhelming task. Google uses many tools and algorithms that are updated regularly to determine the order that websites are displayed in search results. Following some sim…


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